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---  NEWS  --- OCTOBER 2001 ---  NEWS  ---

29 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindWrite Suite
CD-R Verifier 1.6.2
cladMdec 1.1
PlexTools 1.10c
WinISO 5.2
CD/DVD Media Info - New CD-R Media
Maxell DVD-RW 4.7 GB Single Sided Maxell DVD-R 4.7 GB Single Sided
IBM CD-R80 12x [Ritek] Acer CD-RW74 4x-12x High Speed [Acer]
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Freecom announces World's First External Slimline CD-RW/DVD Combo
    Freecom has announced the highlight of its second-generation external drives; two CD-RW/DVD Combo drives. The drives have a 24x read speed for CDs and 8x speed for reading DVDs. This makes the external Freecom Combos ideal for all home and business applications...
  • TDK Announces Biggest-ever CD Burner Introduction
    TDK announced the introduction of six new veloCD ReWriters - three 32X and three 24X models. With these burner introductions, TDK aims to be first to market with a 32X burner, which is scheduled for availability in December...
  • MedioStream Announces New Version of neoDVDstandard
    MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based software for recording digital video to DVD, announced the release of neoDVDstandard version 2.0, with enhanced features that make it easier than ever to transfer digital video to CD and DVD discs...
  • SunnComm Chosen to "Enhance" Len Doolin Country Hit
    SunnComm Inc. announced a revenue agreement with Nashville's Sunbird Records who represents up-and-coming country music star, Len Doolin. Doolin's latest release, "Once in a Lifetime," is due in stores in mid-November using SunnComm's new Expanded Experience CD (CD3(TM)) product to provide a new brand of secure consumer experience to compact discs...
  • TEAC Announces Mini CD/MP3 Player
    TEAC, a world leader in the manufacture of CD-RW, DVD-ROM and CD-ROM storage technology, today announces the November 7 availability of its Mini CD/MP3 Player that takes full advantage of the popular CD-R format...

23 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindWrite Suite
CD Check
Easy Audio Lock 0.9.9 Beta
DiVX 4.02
Sound Recorder & Editor 1.6 build 41
Key2Audio CD Protection CD Protections
Sony has just released 2 audio CD's in The Netherlands which are most likely protected with Sony's Key2Audio CD Protection. The CD's are marked with the text:  Will not play on MAC/PC

The 2 CD's in question are:

  • Racoon - Here We Go, Stereo! - Released 15-10-2001
  • Mathilde Santing - New Amsterdam - Released 01-10-2001

CloneCD can be used to create a working 1:1 backup without too much hassle. If a 1:1 backup does not work, then use the Analog-2-Digital trick to create a single WAV. Then use the PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor to automatically split the single WAV into separate WAV tracks!

BlindWrite Suite Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added the BlindWrite Suite v1.1.0.2 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

BlindRead v3.1.0.2 & BlindWrite v1.1.0.2 Updates:

  • Cosmetic layout changes
  • Automatic installation & de-installation for the Patin-Couffin drivers
IsoBuster Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added the IsoBuster v0.99.7.5 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

IsoBuster v0.99.7.5 Updates:

  • Improved File handling to deal with +2GB files.
  • Improved handling of +2GB DVDs. This change is very much tied in to the first improvement.
    Before, the capacity (track-size, session-size, ...) could be reported incorrectly.
  • Fix for 05/64/00 'Illegal mode for this track' error with some 2K/block image files.
  •  Minor tweaking, e.g. allows files with illegal name (according to the OS) to be extracted.
Waitec X-File DVD+RW ReWriter
Waitec has just released their "Out of this World" X-File DVD+RW Data drive which uses the Safe Link buffer-underrun technology. The drive is based on the Ricoh MP5120A DVD+RW drive.

Currently it is able to write 4.7 GB DVD+RW single/double sided media. DVD+R writing capability will be added in January 2002.

Waitec X-File Specifications:
  • DVD: 2.5x ReWrite & 8x Read
    CD: 12x Write, 10x ReWrite & 32x Read
  • Interfaces: E-IDE/Atpai
  • 2 MB Memory Buffer
  • Safe Link buffer-underrun technology

Waitec X-File
[Click to Enlarge]
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

17 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BSPlayer 0.84 RC4
CD Check
cladMdec (new cladDVD) 1.0
DVD:Reaper 3.2
EasyDivX 1.73
Feurio! 1.63.1
InstantCD/DVD 6.02 [11-10-01]
Nero DriveSpeed 1.60
WinOnCD [Power Edition] 3.8.689 [SP2]
CD/DVD Media Info - New CD-R Media
Mitsui CD-R80 SG Ultra Thermal 16x [Mitsui] Philips CD-R80 SilverSpeed 24x [Mitsui]
Hi-Space CD-R80 CarbonCD 16x [MPO] Hi-Space CD-R80 CarbonAudio [MPO]
It seems that Philips is mixing CD factories again, their latest 16x speed media is made by Ritek (their strategic partner) and their 24x speed media is made by Mitsui - 3 years ago they also used Mitsui made Gold media once but did not used them since then anymore. 

Thanks Stefan de Jong [The Netherlands] for sending the Philips 16x speed scans!

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

16 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindWrite Suite
CD Mate 2.1.1
CD Check
CDVD Benchmark 1.18
CD/DVD Media Info - New CD-R & DVD+RW Media
HP DVD+RW 4.7 GB - C8008A Philips CD-R80 16x Gold [Ritek]
BlindWrite Suite Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added the BlindWrite Suite v1.1.0.0 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

This Suite includes BlindWrite v1.1.0.0 & BlindRead v3.1.0.0. BlindRead is now part of the BlindWrite Suite and is not distributed separately anymore.

BlindRead v3.1.0.0 Updates:

  • Added the "Patin-couffin" ASPI-Layer for faster & more secure reading!
  • Support for other ASPI-Layers.
  • Support for multiple instances of BlindRead at the same time.
  • A Multisession read error has been fixed (occurred since v3.0.2.0).
  • Enabled fast read for the 16x & 24x Plextor drives.

BlindWrite v1.1.0.0 Updates:

  • Added the " Patin-couffin" ASPI-Layer for faster & more secure reading!
  • Support for other ASPI-Layers.
  • Support for multiple instances of BlindWrite at the same time - be careful!
  • Added & modified a number of CD-Writer (fixed max write speed setting)
  • The DAO engine is now more tolerant - a few burners now have DAO RAW support!
  • The TOC is not read anymore at startup to avoid problems with MP3 CD's.
  • Changed the SAO Cooked writing mode.

Two download versions are available now, the Full Version includes all available languages & manuals, the Light Version includes the English, German & French versions!


7 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
DVD Decrypter
Easy CD-DA Extractor 4.6.0
FireBurner 2.11
MP3 CD Burner 1.13
PlexTools 1.10
Nero Burning Rom
Traction CD Menu Creator 1.11
WinAmp 2.77
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Oak Technology Debuts 32X CD-R/RW Controller
    Oak Technology announced the availability of the OTI-9797S 32X CD - Recordable/ReWritable (CD-R/RW) optical storage controller. By recording at 32 times the speed of the original single-speed CD specification, the new controller will enable drives to record a full 650 Megabyte compact disc in three minutes or less...
  • Oak's SimpliCD CD-Burning Software Receives PC World 'Best Buy' Award
    Oak announced that its new CD-burning software, SimpliCD, has received top honors from PC World magazine (October 2001) as "the best overall package" for CD-RW enthusiasts...
  • Peru Pirates Peddle a Big Industry
    Scores of Peruvian shoppers stepping out of a popular market in a run-down area of Lima clutch bags of Britney Spears CDs, Adidas sweatshirts, Calvin Klein watches and videos of recent block-buster hits...

3 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

1 October 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Inquery Beta
CD Mate 2.1.1
DVD Decrypter
EasyDivX 1.72
Easy Audio Lock 0.9.8 Beta
Easy CD-DA Extractor 4.5.2
Global DiVX Player 1.9.1
InCD 2.32
NTI CD Maker 2000 5.0.15
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Ricoh Selects Sonic MyDVD for New DVD+RW Drive
    Sonic announced that Ricoh is bundling Sonic MyDVD Version 3 with its new MP5120A Super Combination Drive. With the addition of MyDVD, Ricoh's new DVD+RW drive provides a complete DVD solution that allows users to select personal video clips, add interactive menus, preview a DVD project and then record it directly to DVD...
  • SnapStream Media Joins DVD+RW Alliance
    SnapStream Media announced that it has become an official member of the DVD+RW (Digital Versatile Disk plus ReWritable) Alliance, a group of companies committed to the benefits of the DVD+RW format...
  • CD-R disc makers face weak earnings despite revenue growth
    Taiwanese CD-R disc manufacturers expect to see their revenues grow continuously in September, but their earnings still lag far behind targets set for the year...
  • Universal to unveil CDs with anti-piracy software
    Vivendi Universal said its Universal Music Group, the world's largest record company, plans to start issuing CDs in October with software that prevents music from being digitally copied into computer files...
  • DCA Integrates SunnComm Audio Copy Protection into Mastering Software
    DCA, an industry leading provider of optical disc signal processing, has integrated SunnComm's Audio Copy Protection into DCA's mastering systems for optical discs...
Easy Audio Lock CD Tools
Easy Audio Lock (EAL), which was created before CloneAudioProtector so the author claims, is another CD tool which is able to protect audio CDs. CloneCD 2.x/3.x is used to create a CD-Image which is then modified using EAL. The protection is based on the Cactus Data Shield protection which uses an invalid TOC to make the CD unreadable on CD/DVD-ROM drives.

Thanks ChEfKoCh for sending & creating EAL!

Sony CFD-S40CP BoomBox MP3 Players
Sony has just released their MP3 compatible Sony CFD-S40CP BoomBox which is the first of it's kind to support MP3 CD's! It currently retails at US$ 140.
Sony CFD-S40CP Specifications:
  • Compatible with CD-R & CD-RW media
  • Plays back MP3 compressed CD's
  • AM, LW & FM Stereo Tuner
  • Stereo Cassette Deck/Recorder
  • 5 character LCD display
  • 2.5W + 2.5W (EIAJ/DC) Power Output
  • DC: 9V & AC: 120-220V, 50/60Hz
  • Batteries: 6x D & 2x AA (Remote)
  • Battery Life: FM: 19 hrs., CD: 4.5 hrs. & Tape: 12 hrs.

Sony CFD-S40CP
[Click to Enlarge]

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