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TEAC Announces Mini CD/MP3 Player

Pocket-Sized Mini CD Unit Offers Unique Advantages To MP3 Users

MONTEBELLO, CA--(INTERNET WIRE)--Oct 24, 2001-- TEAC, a world leader in the manufacture of CD-RW, DVD-ROM and CD-ROM storage technology, today announces the November 7 availability of its Mini CD/MP3 Player that takes full advantage of the popular CD-R format.

The TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player presents the industry with a smaller, lighter-weight solution for users to organize, store and enjoy MP3 music. It delivers a capacity of three standard audio CDs or 3½ hours (210 minutes) of compressed MP3 music. Users can download MP3s from the Internet or convert standard audio CDs into MP3 format, burn them onto a mini CD-R using a CD-RW drive, and play it directly on the TEAC player or exchange mini CD-Rs with friends. The TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player offers distinct advantages over standard size CD/MP3 players, as well as MP3 units with removable flash memory, including:

  • Compact size-The TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player easily fits into a pocket and is significantly lighter and easier to carry than standard portable CD players.
  • Versatility-It utilizes Mini CD-R media, not only a compact version of the highly compatible full size format, but a standard becoming widely available where CD-R media is purchased. Mini CD-R media can be recorded on standard CD-R/RW drives and is the same compact format popularized by digital, CD-R-based cameras.
  • Affordability-At a fraction of the cost of solid-state flash memory, Mini CD-R media is more practical and inexpensive considering its low cost-per-megabyte at less than $1.50 per disc.
"The Mini CD/MP3 Player is geared toward the large installed base of CD-RW drive consumers who use MP3 for managing their music," notes Les Luzar, division manager, TEAC America's Data Storage Products Division. "Mini CD-R offers the advantages of CD-R in a size that makes it portable, giving users the best of both worlds. Our new MP3 player provides clear advantages for storing and listening to MP3 music."

TEAC's Mini CD/MP3 Player runs for up to seven hours on two AA Alkaline batteries and offers anti shock protection, as well as several playback features, including a preset digital equalizer and bass boost.

The TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player has an MSRP of $129.99 and comes with premium quality, in-ear headphones from Sennheiser; Musicmatch Jukebox software; one blank Mini CD-R disc; an AC Adapter; two AA Alkaline batteries; and a users manual. TEAC has expanded its line of CD-R media with a 10-pack of 8cm Mini CD-R media in slim jewel cases for $12.99. Like all of TEAC's Data Storage products, the TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player (MP-330) can be found at participating retailers throughout the country and is available to resellers and VARs through the company's network of authorized dealers. In addition, consumers also can find the TEAC Mini CD/MP3 Player at

TEAC Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan, has been an innovator and worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of audio, video and data recording technologies since 1953. Its products are utilized in the computer data storage, consumer and professional audio and industrial video and instrumentation markets.

TEAC's Data Storage Products Division, the largest subsidiary of TEAC Corporation, is a pioneer in both magnetic and optical recording technologies and is well respected for manufacturing the most innovative, high performance CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW and floppy drives for both desktop and notebook computers.

TEAC data storage products are sold throughout the world and can be found in more personal computers than any other brand. The company sells its products to leading PC system manufacturers, commercial and industrial distributors, computer retail stores and Internet retailers.

TEAC America, Inc. is active in the development, sales and marketing of these removable storage products throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America and can be visited at

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