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  • Key2Audio
  • CD/DVD Protections Overview
  • Key2Audio
    Company : Sony DADC
    Protection : Key2Audio - Renamed to: Key2audioXS
    How to Detect : Protected CDs are marked with the text: Will not play on MAC/PC

    Protected CD's don't work on (Computer) CD/DVD-ROM drives

    Use ClonyXXL

    Backup Solution : A 1:1 backup with CloneCD works in most cases using these settings (only works with good CD Readers):

    CD-Reader Settings: 

    • Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
    • Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
    • Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
    • Max Read @ 4x speed (experiment!)

    CD-Writer Settings:

    • Perform Laser Power Calibration 
    • Always close last Session
    • Don't Repair Subchannel Data
    • Max Write @ 6x speed

    If a 1:1 backup does not work, then use the Analog-2-Digital trick to create a single WAV. Use the PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor to automatically split the single WAV into separate WAV tracks!

    A digital-2-digital (digital CD output to digital CD-Recorder/MD input) generates an "Copy Prohibit" or "Cannot Copy" error message!

    Press Releases : Sony locks CDs to stop internet copying
    NSync CD is copy protection "experiment"
    CD Crack: Magic Marker Indeed
    Protected CDs : Audio CD's:
    • Racoon - Here We Go, Stereo! - Released 15-10-2001
    • Mathilde Santing - New Amsterdam - Released 01-10-2001
    • K's Choice - Live - Released 24-09-2001
    Protection Info
    With key2audio Sony DADC is offering you the optimal protection for your Audio CD's. Using highest quality and ensuring best compatibility, key2audio was developed to support the music industry in protecting its music from illegal duplication and copyright infringement. Without altering the music data stream, key2audio CD's still offer crystal clear sound and no read fault errors.

    During glass mastering, several special hidden signatures, similar to a unique fingerprint, are applied outside the music data area. These signatures can neither be duplicated by CD-R/RW burners, nor by professional glass mastering systems.

    Audio discs protected with the current version cannot be recognised by standard CD/DVD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW drives, thus they do not play on PC, Apple Macintosh or other systems equipped with CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-R devices. This ensures the highest efficiency currently available. Due to the fact that key2audio™ protected discs do not play on PC, no ripping is possible. Analogue copies, on the contrary, can be made to any analogue devices. (eg MC).

    key2audio does not alter the sound quality in any way. Music data is not accessed, the bitstream is exactly the same for a protected and an unprotected CD (no C2 errors/uncorrectables in the music data). Only the copier notices a difference, for the listener, the sound remains the same.

    The audio part completely complies with Red Book standard. In addition, a CD protected with key2audio still guarantees a maximum playing time of 77 minutes and therefore does not limit the pleasure of listening time at all. Full ISRC, UPC, CD Text capabilities are supported.

    The key2Audio work on most CD Readers but on a few (more expensive) readers they fail to work.

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