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DCA Integrates SunnComm Audio Copy Protection into Mastering Software
Cushing, Oklahoma, September 2001 - DCA, Inc., the industry leading provider of optical disc signal processing, has integrated SunnComm's Audio Copy Protection into DCA's mastering systems for optical discs.

"We are pleased to offer SunnCommís MediaClōQTM Technology as an option to our encoders and mastering system. The market for copy protection solutions has been and continues to be a dynamic and evolutionary segment. Nowhere has this been more evident than in copy protection solutions for Audio CDís. A year ago, the industry thought it impossible to protect Audio CD's, but it is obvious that innovative companies such as SunnComm are making it possible," notes Brad Rickelman, Manager of Marketing Communications, DCA.

Mastering facilities interested in providing SunnComm MediaClōQTM as a copy protection option for their customers must contact SunnComm, Inc. DCA will provide licensed SunnComm customers with a plug-in option to DCA's Mastering product MIS V6.40.

SunnCommís Chairman, John D. Aquilino stated, "The implementation of MediaClōQTM Technology into the manufacturing plants can now be done quickly and efficiently using a software upgrade. The deployment pace can grow exponentially and we will be able to offer this product solution to CD replication plants worldwide without any major equipment modifications. He continued, "Our approved provider network will include many of the largest manufacturing plants in the world and it will enable the music industry to insure production arrangements for their artists."

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