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---  NEWS  --- FEBRUARY 2001 ---  NEWS  ---

26 February 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Bremse 1.12
DiscDump 1.10
120 Minutes CD-R Media! CD-R99 Media
Disc4You has announced that it will present results into their 120 minutes CD-R media (called XXL-Silberlinge - D4U-XXL-CD-R) at CeBIT 2001.

For now only Padus DiskJuggler and CDRWin 4.0 supports CD-R120 media. The new media is not expected to ship until June 2001 and will not cost much more than regular CD-R media!

Most likely the same thing will happen as with CD-R99 Media that only a few CD-Writers, like maybe the Mitsumi 4804TE, can really write up to 120 minutes but that most will quit at 90 minutes.

DDump Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added DDump v1.10 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

New Features/Updates:

  • Extra code for SD2 added
  • bugfix: jitter correction only for audio tracks
  • Errors now are also generated when using alternative readmode ($D8, $D4, ...)
  • Improved SD2 extraction

Also read this very interesting article: The truth about SafeDisc2... by XiT - Creator of DDump

BlindRead/BlindWrite Suite Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added BlindRead v3.0.1.3 & BlindWrite to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

BlindRead Updates:

  • Alternative read mode supported on many more CD units.
  • Extraction speed with all recent PLEXTOR units are back to normal.
  • Added Software Conflict detection.
  • Some crashes after extractions are no longer here.
  • Added a partial CD Image removal dialog in case of extraction aborting.

BlindWrite Updates:

  • Support of multi session writing greatly improved. Now, all writing mode produce good multisessions CD - especially for DREAMCAST selfbootable CD backups.
  • Support for ISO 9660 file format. This format is frequent for UNIX CD images (Linux dists).
  • Support for WAV & MP3 direct writing - No need to decompress MP3 files before writing.
  • Lockups after write completion and write cancellation has been eliminated.
  • Some timeouts problems (error 00 00 00) have been eliminated.
  • Added Software Conflict detection.
  • CD Database updated with new Units supported (147 in total):
    • HP 7100, 7110, 7120, 7200, 7210 (read in safe mode, write in DAO PQ mode)
    • HP 9100, 9110, 9120 (read in alt mode, write in DAO PW Mode)
    • HP 9300 series (9300, 9310, 9320, 9340, 9350 and shall include HP 9364 and MEDION MD 9364 - read in alt mode, write in DAO PW mode)
    • Traxdata 121032 PLUS (read in safe mode, write in SAO RAW mode)
    • Yamaha CRW2100 - with firmware 1.0H (Read in safe mode, write DAO PW mode)
    • Yamaha 8424S (Read in safe mode, write in SAO RAW mode)
Rio 800 Extreme MP3 Player MP3 Players
SONICblue, formally S3, announced their Rio 800 Extreme which features a total 384 MB of memory! 
This baby can play 12 hours of digital-quality music! The normal Rio 800 features 64 MB of 
onboard memory and is upgradeable with a 32MB, 64MB or 340MB memory backpack (Fall 2001). 

The Rio 800 Extreme is currently available for US$ 599, the normal Rio 800 is available for US$ 279
Rio 800 Extreme Specifications:
  • 384MB of memory (256MB on-board & 128MB backpack)
  • Supports both MP3 & WMA files
  • USB Interface (Cable included)
  • Built-in NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Voice record function
  • Full function remote
  • Includes software for both PC & Macintosh
  • Software upgradable (for future audio formats) 

Rio 800 / Rio 800 Extreme
[Click to Enlarge]
RioVolt Portable CD/MP3 Player MP3 Players
SONICblue also released the RioVolt which can playback MP3, WMA & Audio CD's. It is currently available for US$ 170.
Rio RioVolt Specifications:
  • 8-function remote control
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Includes software for both PC & Macintosh
  • AC adaptor
  • carrying case 
Rio Digital Audio Receiver MP3 Players
SONICblue has announced the Rio Digital Audio Receiver. It consists of a Rio Connector PCI card and the Rio Receiver box. A Rio Remote is included so you can play MP3 files from your lazy chair! 

The Rio Receiver will be available this month for US$349.95 

Rio Digital Audio Receiver
[Click to Enlarge]
The Rio Connector is build into a PC which will then act like a server. The PC and RIO Receiver connect to each other using an existing phone-line or 10Mbps ethernet network. Multiple Rio Receivers can be added as long as there is a nearby phone-jack or ethernet connection. Currently both MP3 & WMA audio formats are supported and it is software upgradeable to add future codec support.

21 February 2001
CD Media Info - Medion CD-R74 Media
Medion CD-R74 High Quality Silver Blue [?] Taiyo Yuden CD-R Medion CD-R
When you check the ATIP of these Medion CD-R74 media with CDR Identifier or Feurio! then it appears that they are made by Taiyo Yuden but this is false information as the CD markings are totally wrong and the price is much too low for "regular" Taiyo Yuden made CD-R media!

Taiyo Yuden made CD-R media always has a serial number which is printed horizontally, the Medions have a circular one (see the 2 pictures above). Also on the inside ring of a Taiyo Yuden CD-R media there is ALWAYS a number starting with PMxxxx (where xxxx is a changing number), the Medions have: CDR74-1077. This means that Medion is (mis)using the ATIP information from Taiyo Yuden which seems to be very misleading (if not illegal)!

Currently these Medion CD-R74 media are being sold in Germany and the Netherlands (at Aldi) for about EUR 6,-.

We have not have time to do extensive quality testing on these Medions but we expect that the CD-R Quality is much lower then real Taiyo Yuden made CD-R media (like the Philips Premium Silver medias). So be warned when using them for data which you want to keep save for a long time!

Thanks to Diederick Bosman & Eric Smit for pointing out these Medion CD-Rs!

ECCRegen Update CD/DVD Software
Added ECCRegen v1.3 to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks LuHa!

ECCRegen Updates:

  • Rewritten all ecc code, now it is more compact, efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Added support for BlindWrite image format.
  • Fixed a bug that causes some troubles with last sectors.
  • Moved all registry keys from HKCU\Software\ECCRegen to HKCU\Software\LuHa\ECCRegen.
  • One bug fixed.
  • Added some graphic stuff.
  • Some minor changes here and there.

20 February 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Clony 1.07b
CDRWIN 3.8D [16-02-01]
DVD Genie 3.85
Exact Audio Copy 0.9 PreBeta 9
MP3 CD Maker 1.40
Sound Forge 4.5h build 402
5.0 build 117
Clony Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added Clony v1.07a [GERMAN] & Clony v1.07b [ENGLISH] to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

Clony Updates:

  • Added options so that everyone can have his/her own configuration
  • Updated SafeDisc v2 recognition.
  • DummyFiles are now better recognized
  • Laserlok protection is working now 
  • Driveletter Z:\ is now working.
Plextor Firmwares & SafeDisc v2
CDRSOFT.NET published a very interesting piece on how the latest Plextor PX-W124TS & PX-W1210A firmware upgrades are not able to backup SafeDisc v2 protected CD's but that older firmware versions can! They suspect that Plextor has made a deal with Macrovision not to support SafeDisc v2.

Just by downgrading the firmware to version 1.04 "solves" this problem and SafeDisc v2 protected CD's can easily be copied using CloneCD:

Teac CD-W516E & CD-W512E CD-ReWriter
Teac just released the specs for their latest 16x speed writing Teac CD-W516E which will be available in 2 months time! Last month Teac released the Teac CD-W512E which supports the BURN-Proof standard. It is currently available for US$ 250 / EUR 270!
Teac CD-W516E Specifications:
  • 4, 8, 12, 16x Write & 4, 10x ReWrite
  • 40x Read (CAV) CDROM (Mode 1) & CDROM XA M2/F1
  • 14x-24x Read (Zone CAV) DAE, CD-RW, CDROM XA M2/F2
  • IDE/ATAPI (Ultra DMA33)
  • 2 MB Memory Buffer
Teac CD-W512E Specifications:
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 12x Write & 1, 2, 4, 10x ReWrite
  • 32x Read (CAV) CDROM (Mode 1) & CDROM XA M2/F1,2
  • 14x-24x Read (Zone CAV) CDDA/DAE & CD-RW
  • 4x Read (CLV) [Audio Play]
  • IDE/ATAPI (Ultra DMA33)
  • 4 MB Memory Buffer


Teac CD-W512E/516E


16 February 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
AudioCD MP3 Studio 2000 2.2
BackupNOW! 2.2.19
CDEveryWhere 2.0
CloneCD Database Live Update
Feurio! 1.60
InCD 1.82
Hotburn 2.1.6
Hotburn Pro 2.0.4
NTI CD-Maker 2000 4.2.68
Sony CD-Maker 2000 4.2.69
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Studios Release Movies for Internet
    The Internet is putting a whole new twist on box office receipts as Hollywood gears up to beam movies directly to "boxes" in people's homes...
  • Ahead's Nero 5.5 Set to Dominate CD Recording Market
    Ahead Software announced its latest version of the award winning, all-in-one CD recording solution, Nero 5.5... [Press Release]
  • Copyright Protection Debated in EU
    On the eve of a vote on digital copying, music stars, CD makers and telecommunications companies urged lawmakers at the European Parliament to toughen the rules and improve copyright protection for artists. After months of lobbying, members of the 626-member EU assembly closed debate on strengthening and extending rules on copyright protection to the internet and digital technologies...
  • Napster orphans hold wallets close to their chests
    Napster may not be dead yet, but fans were looking to life in the after-world on Tuesday, as chat rooms filled with users discussing the prospect of paying up for their beloved free song-swap service...
  • The Cold War of music copyright infringement
    Fans are loyal. They tend to stick with their artist from album to album. Chances are that the true-diehard fans will continue to buy albums regardless of any burned CD copies they may have made. Without the fans giving a damn, there would still be musicians but not professionals. So I vote to give the fans some slack...
  • Yamaha Introduces Industry's Fastest FireWire CD-RW Recorder
    Yamaha  announces the introduction of the CRW2100FXZ, the industry's fastest external rewritable CD recorder with IEEE 1394 FireWire(TM) interface...
  • Mac-made movies won't work on all DVD players
    Apple is touting its new iDVD software as a way to create movies that people can watch on consumer DVD players, but not all machines actually support discs made with Apple's new recordable DVD drive...
  • Artists Split on Napster Decision
    Several musicians and pop stars -- whose work is at the heart of the Napster debate -- cheered a federal appeals court ruling on Monday that signals the end of the "all the music you can download for free" era...
  • Napster: The end is near
    A federal appeals court on Monday handed down a decision on the music-sharing service that will eventually lead to, at best, a completely revamped Napster that bears little resemblance to the current model, or, at worst, the shutdown of the service along with millions of dollars in copyright violations penalties...
  • UK Launches Competition Inquiry Into CD Market
    Britain launched a competition inquiry into the country's compact disc market, joining European regulators in raising suspicions that major record companies overcharge music lovers...

6 February 2001
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
Fuji CD-R74 Silver Disk 12x [Fuji] Fuji CD-R80 Silver Disk 12x [Fuji]
Fuji CD-R74 Audio [Fuji] Fuji CD-RW74 Audio [Plasmon]
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
DirectCD 3.03a
EasyCD Creator 4.03a
Feurio! 1.58
Hotburn 2.0.3 [31-01-01]
InCD 1.79
RSJ CD-Writer [OS2] 3.08/3.50
PC Expert Magazine Magazines
In the February issue of PC Expert (French), CD Media World is mentioned
in an article about the new Traxdata CD-R99 870 MB CD-R media, the French
tax on CD-R & DVD-R media & Sony's 1.3 GB CDs. More here!

Thanks Surfeurfou for sending the scans!


2 February 2001
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
BASF CD-R74 Extra 12x [MMM&M] BASF CD-R80 Extra 12x [CMC]
BASF CD-R74 Maxima Ceram DA [T.Yuden] Arita CD-RW80 4x [?]
Arita CD-R80Plus (CD-R90) [Ritek] Acer CD-R74 Gold 12x [Acer]

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