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Mac-made movies won't work on all DVD players

By Ian Fried CNET

Apple is touting its new iDVD software as a way to create movies that people can watch on consumer DVD players, but not all machines actually support discs made with Apple's new recordable DVD drive.

The issue is not with Apple's software, but rather with the DVD-R standard used by the SuperDrive, a drive from Pioneer that plays and writes both CDs and DVDs. The iDVD program allows people to record digital videos onto a DVD, using the SuperDrive.

Last week Apple posted a partial list of compatible players, as well as some known not to work with the SuperDrive.

The DVD-R standard, which is about 1 1/2 years old, is supported by most DVD players sold today, but some older machines will not support DVD-R discs. A similar issue emerged when recordable CDs became popular, with many CD-ROM and audio CD players not able to play the discs.

Apple announced last month that it would include the SuperDrive in a high-end 733MHz Power Mac. The Cupertino, Calif.-based Mac maker said at the time that it would publish a list of compatible DVD players.

The company plans to include the SuperDrive in more models as the drive becomes cheaper and more available.

Among 20 DVD players known to work with the Apple drive and software are Sony's DVP 9000, Toshiba's SD 2300, RCA's C5215P, Pioneer's DV 434, Panasonic's DVD CV50 and JVC's X523.

Eight players are incompatible: the AIWA CSDDVMIS, Mitsubishi DD4001, Philips DVD 950 AT, Sony DVP s7700 , Toshiba MED300AS, Toshiba SD 5109, Toshiba SD 2107u and Toshiba DVD SD160L.

One player, the Pioneer DVL-90, is listed as "marginally compatible."

Models not included on the list have not been tested, an Apple representative said Monday.

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