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Previous News from: October - December 1998
30-12-98 Digital Business Cards
McI Technologies created a very nice gadget: the Digital Business Card

This business card is infact a (weird looking) CDROM and it can hold 18 Mb of Data in any form.
It can contain audio, video, trial software, multimedia catalogs, literally anything that can fit within 18 Mb!

The cards aren't inexpensive, they cost $4.50 a piece in quantities of (at least) 500, not including the glass mastering fee of $500. But if you're in a business where you really want to get your material in front of a client in a way so novel that he or she is likely to actually look at it, and considering that the costs are similar to a standard CD-ROM that you might otherwise give out along with a standard business card, this is an intriguing way to combine the two.

digcardsm.jpg (7131 bytes)
digcardcd.jpg (12876 bytes)
27-12-98 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Lenco MCD9411, MCD9412, MCD9416 CD-R74 & MCD9415 CD-RW74 Media.
Magazines featuring the site!
  • The OverSize article will be featured in the Januari 1999 Issue of PCFun [French] (page 47)!
  • The site (URL) was also mentioned in the Sound, samples & schijven article in the December 1998 issue of C'T [Dutch] (page 128)!
FTP Connection Problems
For the last few days it was not possible to update the CD Media Info site as the ESWARE FTP server was having connection problems...
22-12-98 CD Info
80 Minutes CD-R Resellers in the US
Here is a list of all known US resellers who sell 80 minutes CD-R's (this answers about 5% of my emails):
20-12-98 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Nomai CD-R74, CD-RW74 & CD-RW74 Pre-Formatted.
CD-Writer Modifications Update
CD-Writer Modifications: Update a Traxdata CDR4120 Pro to a Teac CD-R55S - Thanks Caio for the English translation!
19-12-98 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures/OverSize values for: Basf Extra CD-R74 Emtec [Ritek], Waitec CD-R74 Multispeed, Boeder CD-R74 Silver/Blue, Stardust CD-R74 Gold & Verbatim CD-R74 Gold  - Thanks Bighi (Italy).
Updated the OverSize article and added the latest ROHLING.DAT [19-12-1998] (for use with Feurio!)
16-12-98 CD Info
Music Tax on CD-R's in The Netherlands as of 1-1-1999
As of 1 Januari 1999 the CD-R's in the Netherlands will be more expensive. Somehow Buma/Stemra managed to put CD-R's (audio & data) on the same list as audio-tapes which makes it "eligable" for an extra music tax... The extra tax will be NLG 1,- per hour of media. It is a bit strange as the audio CD-R's already had this kind of tax. The CD-R companies will be making a bundle this chistmas selling CD-R's!
15-12-98 CD Info
Updated the OverSize article and added some more 80 Minutes CD-R information.
London Trip
It has been a bit quiet the last few days overhere, this is because we had a nice (long) weekend in London.
The games in England are still too expensive in the stores, the normal price for a new game is around £ 35,- (= US$ 60 ).
Copying games in the UK is not that big as CD-R's which is evident in the availability of them. They are VERY hard to come by in London, only a few stores are selling them and then only the regular TDK, BASF, Kodak & Koch 74 minutes (most of them don't know of any 80 minutes CD-R's...). The CD-R prices vary from £ 1,20 (= US$ 2) upto £ 5,- (= US$ 9,-) for the same TDK/BASF discs! The cheapest discs were found on Tottenham Court Road (this is where all the cheaper computer stores are).
CD-R Software release
Feurio released: Feurio! 1.08
11-12-98 Yamaha Firmware
Yamaha just release the firmware 1.0e [25/11/98] for the Yamaha CRW2216E & CRW44160S CD-Writers - Thanks Hendrie Kain for pointing it out!.
10-12-98 CD Info
CD-R Software release
Ahead just released Nero Burning Rom [source: CDRINFO Page].
09-12-98 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: BTC CD-RW74
  • Added Info/Pictures for: MMore CD-R80 Extra Capacity.
    The MMore CD-R80 are made by Ritek Co. (so they are the same as the Arita High Density CD-R 80).
Yamaha CRW4416S Firmware 1.0c beta
A few days ago I received the latest firmware v1.0c beta [dated 10 nov 1998] for the Yamaha CRW4416S, after some testing I found out that the problems I encountered before, trying to get OverSize values, still exist. It still can't find OverSize values for the CD-R's below (see 29-11-98). The only thing that seems to be fixed is the instability of the system after trying to OverSize a CD-R. It is now possible to OverSize (or trying to OverSize) more CD-R's without restarting the system.
Please don't ask me for this beta firmware as I received it from Yamaha with the condition not to give it away as it is still beta! The official firmware 1.0d will be released this month! - Thanks Nicolas de Saint Remy from Yamaha France
07-12-98 CD Info
06-12-98 CD Info
Because we are now running on a Mirror site all big pictures are not available! This will remain until a suitable FTP/MIRROR is found (offers are still welcome!)
02-12-98 Misc
The CDR-INFO Page has moved here!
01-12-98 CD Info
Updated the OverSize article, added OverSize a CD-R using CDRWIN
30-11-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Yamaha CDM12Y 74T & Yamaha CRWM74R - Thanks Nico Boersen!
29-11-98 Today some maintenance will be done to our Hosting server so we will be offline a few times!

Received an e-mail from Lee C.Y. (Taiwan) who described simular problems to get OverSize capacities using the Yamaha CRW4416S CD-Writer. It seems that the writer is not able to find the real end of certain CD-R's when it is burning in Test-Mode. This is for sure a firmware limitation/BUG of the 4416!
The following CD-R's cause this problem:

Factory CD-R Brand
Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R74
TraxData Gold & Silver CD-R74
Lead Data Inc. Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional
Lead Data
80min/700Mb SilverBlue Professional
SunStar SilverBlue 80min/700Mb
Ritek Co. MMore CD-R80 Extra Capacity

Added Info for: SunStar SilverBlue 80min/700Mb.

27-11-98 Again did some OverSize testing on the Yamaha CRW4416S CD-Writer, here are the results:
  • I used CDRWIN 3.6b to burn an 775 Mb (= 88 minutes) image to a Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional CD-R. In Test Mode the process completed without errors. The real burn ended with an error: 'WRITE' command failed [04h 00h 02h 04h 09h 02h]. This is a bit strange as the Test Mode run worked without any problems. It is very well possible that there is a firmware bug in the Test Mode code or a bug in the OverSize write code that caused this.
    As the CD-R was written in DAO it can stil be accessed, so I tried to copy the contents back to harddisk but it halted after 738 Mb, the remaining 37 Mb is totally unreadable.
    This means that the  Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional can 'only' be OverSized upto 84 minutes, still an impressive value but the 88 minutes would have been great! It is very likely different values will be found using other CD-Writers (like the Teac 55S or Plextor 4/12), for the moment I can't verify this as I don't own these CD-Writers (hint hint).
    When I tried to access one of the unreadable files the drive send a SCSI Reset or Disconnect command to the SCSI controller.
  • There is definately a problem with the Yamaha drives, as soon as you want to burn an image over 88:30 minutes the burner will halt after the leadin is written. This has been verified on a Yamaha CRW4416S and on a Yamaha CRW4261 in combination with Feurio! v1.02 and CDRWIN 3.6b. This is most likely a firmware problem/bug as they never expected someone, like me, to try it out!
  • After doing an OverSize CD the Win98 system becomes very unstable when accessing the CD-Writer for the second time. I don't know exactly what the problem is but usually I had the reboot the workstation to be able to use it again. This also happend on a clean Win95 installation.

As soon as there is a new firmware update released for the Yamaha CRW4416S I will again try to burn an 88 minutes image to see if there is any change.

25-11-98 Seems that the Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional can be OverSized to at least 88 Minutes (= 773 Mb DATA & 888 Mb AUDIO)!!
Maybe it can hold even more but Feurio! doesn't work with a value over 89:00 minutes (at least not with the Yamaha CRW4416), after the leadin is written it will halt (around 3% of the process...).
Tomorrow I will try to do a real burn to see if it really works but first have to find CD-R software that allows such a big image, Nero won't allow you to write more that 82:59:59 minutes of Data...

Here is some Comdex 98 (Vegas) Yamaha info which was publised in a french newsgroup (fr.comp.sys.pc). This is the original posting from Nicolas de SAINT REMY (in french): graveurs yamaha 23/11/98 comdex 98 news
Thanks Régis Oberlécmzp for pointing out this info!

  • There should be a firmware v1.0d update for the Yamaha CRW4416S (hope it fixes some problems I currently have, but haven't seen it yet!).
  • For all 'older' Yamaha's firmware v1.0q is out now. This release fixes some problems people had with Silver/Blue CD-R media (like the TDK Reflex CD-R).
  • The Yamaha CRW4416E (IDE) will be released in December 1998.
  • The Yamaha CRW6416S will be released Q1 1999.
  • There is no news on a Yamaha 8x speed (CRW8416 ?) drive.

Added Info/Pictures for: DataRight Professional CD-R.
Added OverSize capacities for: Yamaha CDM74ST, Master CD-R PRO &  Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional

24-11-98 Tried to get some OverSize capacities for the latest CD-R's but my new Yamaha CRW4416S doesn't seem to like it... Feurio! will wait forever for the CD-R to finish... so it will return nothing. I Hope it is just a firmware or a driver problem!

After some checking around in the firmware for the Yamaha CRW4416 I found some references to new Yamaha writers that have not been released yet and there is totally no information on them!
The firmware (1.0b 13/10/98) supports the following CD-Writers:

  • Yamaha CRW2216S - Will be released any day now, more info here.
  • Yamaha CRW4216S/E - Will be released any day now, more info here.
  • Yamaha CRW4416S/E - The one that I currently have: 4x write, 4x rewrite & 16x read CD-Writer.
  • Yamaha CRW6416S/E - This writer is totally unknown to me. It should be a 6x write, 4x rewrite & 16x read CD-Writer.

If anyone, especially the Yamaha people, can tell me more about these new drives don't hesitate to contact me!

23-11-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Yamaha CDM74ST & Yamaha CRWM74B4X (which both came with my new Yamaha CRW4416S).
Added Info/Pictures for: BestMedia CD-R80 SilverBlue.
Added the following page: CD Dye: The color to Dye for!
22-11-98 Plextor at last put it's new productline on their webpage.
21-11-98 Updated the OverSize article, added some additional info and info on why the Philips CDD3610 is not able to OverSize CD-R's.
20-11-98 Went today to the biggest computer fair here in The Netherlands (HCC) and saw ALOT of companies selling very cheap 80 minutes CD-R's.
These are the prices at the fair (check at CD Freaks for the companies selling them):
  • NoName CD-R80 HAE0007 80 minutes (silver blanks) - NLG 3,35 / US$ 1,85 (a piece per 100)
  • Princo 700 Mb - NLG 3,50 / US$ 1,95 (a piece per 10)
  • Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional - NLG 3,50 / US$ 1,95 (a piece per 10)
  • Arita 80 CD-R80 - NLG 3,50 / US$ 1,95 (a piece per 100)
  • BestMedia CD-R80 - NLG 3,50 / US$ 1,95 (a piece)

There were also some Noname CD-RW discs which were only NLG 10,- / US$ 5,50!

Added Info/Pictures for: Princo CD-R80 700 Mb PR80, Lenco 80 min/700MB Silverblue Professional, NoName CD-R80 HAE0007 & Master CD-R PRO.

Received an email which said that Pioneer CD-R's are now also manufactured by TDK (until now they were made by Pioneer themselfs) - Thanks Nerdman!

19-11-98 Added the following page: CD-Writer Modifications.
Added the following CD-Writer Modification: Transform a Traxdata CDRW2260 into a Yamaha CRW2260 - Thanks Doze! (France)
Due to Hosting problems CDR-INFO Page has moved here!!!
12-11-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Magnex CD-R - Thanks BO??? (Italy).
Added the following page: CD Factories [There are around 200 different CD-R brands but there are ONLY about 16 manufactorers making these CD-R's.]
11-11-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Polaroid CD-R - Thanks Opus Supplies (The Netherlands).
10-11-98 Added Info/pictures for: Hi-Space Matte Gold, Shiny Gold, White Printable, Gold/Green & Silver/Blue.

New software releases: CDRWIN 3.6b & Feurio! 1.02 (Checkout the CDR-INFO PAGE for the latest versions!)

08-11-98 Added the link: Upgrade a Yamaha CRW-2260 to a CRW-4260 & Upgrade a Yamaha CDR-200 to a CDR-400. It also works on a few Traxdata Writers (with the Yamaha drive inside) - Thanks Nicholas Whitehead.
05-11-98 Added info/pictures for: Maxell CD-R74PR(W).

Plextor has unveiled their new productline:

  • UltraPlex 40max which has a Ultra SCSI interface, it can transfer data at 2.6 Mb (inner track) and maximum at 6 Mb/sec (outer track)! An UltraWide SCSI version is planned Q1 1999, this drive will be able to burst up to 40 Mb/s!
  • PlexWriter 8/20 CD-Recordable.
  • PlexWriter 4/2/20 CD-ReWriter.

Additional info can be found at PC World.

04-11-98 The KAO SafeKeeper (EU) OverSize Capacity of 79:29 minutes seems to be a "phantom" value. Feurio! has problems trying to get the real OverSize Capacity for this CD-R. Out of 8 testruns, 2 resulted in values around 79:29 minutes and 6 around 78:31 minutes.
Ahead released: Nero Burning Rom (Checkout the CDR-INFO PAGE for the latest versions!)
03-11-98 Added info for: Aurora CD-RW.
Added additional info for: KAO CD-R Safekeeper. The OverSize capacity for the USA/Taiwan version is very different!
Added info for: Ricoh Premium HR-100 & Made in EU, Lead Data Blank CD-R, Samsung CDR/74S & Teac CD-R - Thanks Mr.Free (Poland)!
Updated the OverSize article, added info concerning the use of 80 minutes CD-R's.
02-11-98 Both Ahead & Feurio! released new versions:
01-11-98 Updated the OverSize article.
31-10-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Philips CD-R74 Premium Silver, Printable & CD-RW74 (this is the new CD line from Philips) - Thanks Opus Supplies (The Netherlands).
Download MMC_PXOV.EXE to be able to OverSize CD-R's over 77 minutes using Nero in combination with a PlexWriter 4/12 (RX-412) - Thanks Petard for sending it.
29-10-98 Added Info for: That's Write! CD-R 80 Minutes - Thanks Opus Supplies (The Netherlands) for supplying this CD-R.
28-10-98 Added Info for: Widoshi CD-R & Kingtech CD-R74 PR20-AAxx.
26-10-98 Added Pictures for: Princo CD-R Silver/Blue.
25-10-98 Updated the OverSize article and added the latest ROHLING.DAT (for use with Feurio!)
24-10-98 Added info for: NoName Multi-Speed CD-R 80.
22-10-98 Added info for: Princo CD-R Silver/Blue.
21-10-98 Added the OverSize info for: Arita High Density CD-R 80 & CDA DataFile Plus which can hold 83:30 Minutes of DATA!! Thanks Opus Supplies (The Netherlands) for supplying this CD-R.
Added info for: Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R Metal Azo.
Added Pictures for: MicroSpot CD-R - Thanks again Duro (Great Brittain)!
20-10-98 Added Info for: MicroSpot CD-R - Thanks Duro (Great Brittain)!
19-10-98 1140 Hits for yesterday, not bad!!! Thanks to everyone who has supported this site uptil now!

Added Info/Pictures for: Philips CD-R74 (New layout) & CDA DataFile Plus CD-R - 80 min/700 Mb.
Added additional Info/Pictures for: Arita High Density CD-R 80.
The OverSize info will be here tomorrow as my HP4020i died a few days ago.
15-10-98 There are some problems using Nero 3.0.6.x & 3.0.7.x in combination with WinOnCD 3.50.277 & EasyCD Creator 3.5a. After installing Nero both packages will fail to work. Seems that Nero replaces a few shared VXD's which should not be replaced.
13-10-98 Added info for: BestMedia & Lenco Pro CD-R.
Added info for: Mitsubishi CD-R R74G7B & Media Excel CD-RW - Thanks David Wilson (Australia)!
Added Info/Pictures for:  Maxell CD-RW74.
Added additional OverSize info for: Maxell CD-R74H - Thanks Dennet Landzaad (The Netherlands)!
12-10-98 Added info (incl OverSize) for: Dysan CD-RW Siver Disk - Thanks DiGit4ciD (Sweden)!
Updated the OverSize article.
10-10-98 Added OverSize info for: Philips, Ricoh & Sony CD-RW's.
07-10-98 Added info/pictures for: Verbatim CD-RW.
04-10-98 Goldenhawk just released CDRWIN 3.6A, this is new in this version:
  • Support for the following recorders has been added.
    • Acer 6206A
    • Cyberdrive 602
    • Hewlett Packard 8100 / 8110
    • Smart & Friendly 8020 (fast 8x speed recording!)
    • Sony CRX100E / CRX110E
    • Yamaha 4261 / 2216 / 4216
  • Completely new "Backup Disc" screen. A simple to use backup utility with all options on a single screen. Just select your devices and click START.
  • Redesigned "Extract Disc" screen for making image files of discs, tracks, and sectors.
  • Support for "importing" previous sessions from an ISO9660 disc (for creating true multisession discs).
  • Drag and drop "Load Tracks" option. This feature makes it simple to create audio or CD+G compilation discs without having to write a cuesheet file.
  • Support for viewing the text strings on a CD-TEXT compatible disc (on the "Table of Contents" screen).
  • New "Disc Transporter" options (on the "Backup Disc" screen).
  • Settings screen has a new tab for displaying information about the harddrives on your system.
03-10-98 Added info/pictures for: Hema CD-R.
02-10-98 Added OverSize & Factory Information for an additional 25 CD-R's.
Added Info for: Arita HD CD-R80.

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