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---  NEWS  --- JANUARY 2000 ---  NEWS  ---
31-01-00 CD Media Info - New CD-R/CD-RW Media
Arita CD-R74 8Speed/Gold Arita CD-R74 Gold
BestMedia CD-RW74 High Quality/4x BestMedia CD-RW80 High Quality/4x
Arita released it's new Gold CD-R range which are again made by RiTEK. Both Gold CD-R's are physically identical except for the printed label... that's all!

It seems that BestMedia is the first to release a 80 minutes CD-ReWritable media (at least I have not seen any other overhere).

The Week in Review
CD/DVD News:
CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CD Speed 99 0.66
3.8A Beta [29-01-00]


Easy CD Creator 4.01
[Update 2.02]
NTi CD Maker 3.6.880 Upgrade
28-01-00 Cactus Data Shield CD/DVD Protection
Cactus Data Shield is a new CD/DVD Protection which has been developed by Midbar Tech Ltd (Israel).

Cactus Data Shield claims to offer:

  • Prevents any type of unauthorized digital duplication of CDs, DVDs and proprietary formats (Music, Video or Data).
  • It does not rely on software keys, hardware dongles, plugs or other external equipment or processes.
  • Protected CDs and DVDs fully operate on existing commercial players and drives.
  • It prohibits Internet-piracy by preventing unauthorized transmission/conversion of digital files (Music/MP3, Software and Video) over the Internet.

Very hefty claims especially for Audio-CD's as there has never been a "working" CD Protection available which could not easily be by-passed.

The protection is currently being used by BMG Entertainment to protect their Audio CD's. So far the albums Razorblade Romance from Him and My private War from Philip Boa & The Voodoo club are the first to be "affected" by this protection... More here.

CD Media Info - New Pioneer CD/DVD Media
Pioneer CDM-J74S / CDM-JP74 Pioneer DVS-V4700S / DVS-V3950S
CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CD Speed 99 0.65
Easy CD Creator Update 1.06
Feurio! 1.31.3
HyCD Play&Record 3.1.1230


MacCDR 4.10b
Millennium MP3 Studio 1.0
WinOnCD 3.7.548 [PE]
Complete overview see the CD-Writer, DVD-Writer & Audio/MP3 Software pages.
CD-Writer/CD-ROM Firmware Releases


LG CRD-8400B (40x) 1.02
Pioneer DR-714 (36X)  1.04
Plextor PX-W124T  1.01


Ricoh MP8040A 1.13 & 1.30
Ricoh MP9060A 1.40
If you are a South Park nut then tryout the latest freeware South Park 3D Spectacular Screen Saver from Useless Creations.

If you are into Star Trek have a look at the new LCARS Terminal website from Escort Software.

24-01-00 DeCSS Temporarily Banned
Last Friday, in Santa Clara County Superior Court, Judge William Elfving issued a preliminary injunction Friday barring Web sites from offering DeCSS. The crack allows users to evade copyright protections on DVDs and save their contents to a hard disk.

Last Thursday, New York District Judge Lewis Kaplan granted a preliminary injunction against three defendants, Shawn Reimerdes, Eric Corley a.k.a. Emmanuel Goldstein, and Roman Kazan, sued by the Motion Picture Association of America, also for DeCSS distribution via the Internet. The defendants have been ordered to remove the offending software from their Web sites, but Judge Kaplan, like Judge Elfving, was unwilling to prohibit linking to other sites which might offer it for download... More at The Register &

Self-Destructing DVD Media
Spectradisc, a spin-off from Spectra Science Corporation, claims it can expire a DVD within 3 minutes or 3 days, by applying a chemical coating in varying degrees of thickness to the discs.

Once the DVD Laser touches the surface, a chemical reaction is started that eventually turns the disc blue, thus blocking the DVD player's ability to read the disc.

Spectradisc reckons it will find it customers from the video and games rental markets, as well as companies touting trial software... More
The Week in Review
CD News:
DVD News:
MP3 News:
CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CDR Diagnostic 1.4.9
CDRWIN 3.8a [20-01-00]
Total Recorder 2.2 Beta


Fire Burner 1.05
X-CD-Roast [Linux] 0.98a
21-01-00 Zappee Portable MP3 Player
The Zappee ZMP-3000 is portable MP3 Player and is made by the Singapore based ZipLabs. The device has built-in SecureMP3 technology capability which allows the playback of encrypted digitally watermarked MP3 songs. It can also acts as a portable Solid State Floppy disc drive as it can also store "normal" computer files/data.
Zappee Features:
  • Parallel port or USB interface (not yet available)
  • Supports Multimedia Memory Card Flash (up to 128 MB)
  • Digital FM Stereo Radio
  • Built-in SecureMP3 decryption capability
  • Operates up to 12 hours continuously on 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries.
  • Weight 74 grams

Prices vary from US$ 99 (0 MB) to US$ 239 (2x32 MB).

D-Link DMP-100 Portable MP3 Player
D-Link has until now only made network related cards & devices. Recently they have changed their strategy and now also develop multi-media devices. The D-Link DMP-100 Portable MP3 Player is one of their new multi-media products.

D-Link DMP-100 Features:

  • 32 MB Memory (expandable to 64 MB)
  • Tunable Equalizer
  • Parallel Post Interface

It is currently on sale for only US$ 145.

D-Link USB FM Radio+MP3
The D-Link DSB-R100 USB FM Radio is just as it says, a FM radio which connects to the USB port and soundcard.

D-Link DSB-R100 Features:

  • True Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Full FM Radio band (no AM)
  • USB Specification 1.1 Compliant
  • Dipole FM Radio Antenna
  • FM Recording Software
  • MP3 Conversion Software
The included software features everything needed for using a radio like tuning, scaning & frequency presets and it has the ability to record to MP3 format files. It is currently on sale for only US$ 29.
19-01-00 Waiting for the Judge
Yesterday the second hearing, in Santa Clara County Superior Court (Dept. 2), on a preliminary injunction to stop websites from displaying or linking to the DeCSS source code didn't result in a ruling. the Judge is going to review the arguments and written briefs that were submitted and hand over a decision in the next few days... More at SlashDot & Wired.

A second Lawsuit was filed last Friday in federal courts in New York and Connecticut which is initiated by the seven largest U.S. movie studios to prevent Internet sites from distributing the DeCSS program. DeCSS allows users to bypass the DVD encryption scheme which prevents unauthorized copying. This case is scheduled for tomorrow the 20th and involves the following websites, Krackdown and CT2600... More here.

CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CD Bremse 1.04
Feurio! 1.31.2 GER / ENG


Fire Burner 1.04
Napster 2.0 Beta 5
17-01-00 CD Media Info
Sony CDQ-74CN [Sony] TDK CD-R74MEC [Taiyo Yuden/8x]
Sony released their latest addition to the CDQ-74CN series. This version is made by themselves (Sony Corporation). Previously Sony had them made by Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi & Mitsui. After doing some testing they seem to be of good quality.

The latest TDK CD-R74MEC is currently made by Taiyo Yuden. Until now TDK made all their CD-R's in their own plant.

CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases




Plextor Manager 2000 1.04
12-01-00 Apex/VDDV Digital DVD Player
The Apex Digital DVD Player model AD-600A is currently being sold in the US as a "normal" DVD/VCD player but what most people don't know is that it can also play-back MP3 files and it is DVD region free!

The player is originally made by VDDV (Visual Disc and Digital Video Corp.) who are located in China. They sell the player as the VDDV AD-600A Multi-Purpose DVDPlayer.

Apex AD-600A
Digital DVD Player
Basic Specifications:
  • Compatible with DVD ,VCD, CD, SVCD, CVD & DVCD
  • CD-Recordable Reading.
  • PAL/NTSC system compatible.
  • Karaoke
  • Build in DOLBY Digital decorder.
  • AC3/PCM digital output.
  • Remote control.
  • S-video output.
  • 6-mode Digital Cinema Sound.
  • Parent Control.
  • Component video output (best video quality)
Additional Specifications:
  • Analog 5.1 channel output
  • Dolby digital 5.1 channel output
  • DTS output
  • MP3 audio capable
  • Code free
  • Optical digital audio output

VDDV AD-600A Multi-Purpose DVD Player
The Apex AD-600A is currently being sold in the US for about US$ 250
I-Jam IJ-888 DVD/MP3 Player
In a company press release I-Jam introduced the I-Jam IJ-888. it made by I-Jam Multimedia L.L.C who are located in the US.

Player Specifications:

  • Compatible with DVD, VCD & CD
  • CD-R/CD-RW Reading.
  • Luminous Fluorescent Display
  • Jogging Knob (playback DVD at max 8x normal speed)
  • Advanced 10-bit video D/A converter
  • Dolby Digital/DTS RF output
  • Karaoke feature

Not much else is known yet as I-Jam don't feature any info on their own website. For more info checkout their Press Release.

The I-Jam IJ-888 DVD/MP3 Player will be available Q2 this year at a suggested retail price of US$ 229.

CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CD Vergleich 1.02
CD Protector 3.00 Beta 1
Gear Audio 1.11


Gear CD Replicator 2.1
InCD 1.3.145
The Week in Review

CD/DVD NewsWire

DVD News:
MP3 News:
10-01-00 IsoBuster Update
Added IsoBuster 0.99.1 Update to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks Peter!


  • IsoBuster now supports A LOT more SCSI drives !
  • Modified field now shows data correctly (all the time)
  • Few Memory allocation improvements.  App now uses even less memory.
  • Less critical in case of ISO format which is 'out of spec'.
  • Some cosmetic improvements

New Features:

  • Support for two more ImageFiles: *.IMG  (Clone CD) & *.CIF  (Creator, single track images)
CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CDRWIN 3.8a [06-01-99]


DAO 3.8
Feurio! 1.31.1 GER / ENG
08-01-00 Traxdata CD-R99 - 870 MB - CD-R99
The German based Heise Online reports that Traxdata is planning to show a CD-R which will have a capacity of 870 MB - 99 minutes on the CeBIT 2000 (24-2/1-3-2000).

The big question will be if the current CD-Writers and CD-Readers are able to handle (read/write) the new Traxdata CD-R99 media as already a few of them won't work well with 80 minutes CD-R's! We call our contact at Traxdata if they are willing to send us samples so we can do some preliminary testing.

The German distributor E&K-Data thinks, that the new media will be available Q2.
- Thanks CrOc for pointing it out!

07-01-00 Creative NOMAD Jukebox & NOMAD II (MG) Portable Audio Player
Creative announced 3 new additions to its family of PDE products, the NOMAD II, NOMAD II MG (MaGnesium) & NOMAD JukeBox.

The new devices include USB support, are programmable and support multiple compressed audio formats including MP3 and WMA file formats.

  • USB Support
  • 64 MB FLash Memory (max 128 MB)
  • Supported formats MP3 & WMA
  • Time compression/expansion support.
  • FM tuner with up to 20 Presets Stations
  • Voice-Record capable (max 4 hours)
  • Uses a Docking Station to update.
  • EL backlit LCD
  • SSFDC compliant SmartMedia Slot
  • SDMI Compliant
  • adjustable bit-rate & multi-codec support

NOMAD Jukebox features

  • USB Support
  • 6 GB Buildin Storage
  • Analog Line-In & Dual Line-Out
  • Supported formats MP3, WMA & WAV
  • SDMI Compliant
  • The size of a portable CD-Player
  • Supports downloadable features including new effects algorithms, security features, and auto playlist generators



NOMAD Jukebox
The NOMAD II will be available Q1 and the NOMAD II MG & NOMAD Jukebox will be available in Q2 of this year.
USB = Universal Serial Bus
EL = Electro-Luminescent
PDE = Personal Digital Entertainment
SDMI = Secure Digital Music Initiative
SSFDC = Solid State Floppy Disk Card
CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


CD Vergleich 1.01


Drive Speed 2000 1.00
CD DAE 0.2
02-01-00 CD Media Info
WinLock Update
Added WinLock to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks B16MCC!

WinLock is a CD-R utility that helps you to create your own copy-protected CD by adding 3 dummy tracks to an existing CDRWIN/DAO Cue-Sheet.

It creates a dummy file which then is added as an Audio, Mode-1 Data and a Mode-2 Data track.

CD-R, Audio & MP3 Software Releases


Audiograbber 1.61 Beta 1
CoolPlayer 1.0 build 5523
Fire Burner 1.03B


K-Jfol 1.0 Beta
NTi CD Maker 3.6.820 / 3.6.870
For a complete overview see the CD-Writer, DVD-Writer & Audio/MP3 Software pages.
CD/DVD Misc News

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