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Downloading Streaming Media onto Rio MP3 Using Media Manager Software

Rio Users Can Now Securely Download Real Audio(R) and Windows Media Player(R) Files onto Their Devices and Pre-Schedule Automatic Recordings of Favorite Internet Content

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 10, 2000-- In another step aimed at bringing Web Audio content to all portable audio devices, Voquette - the leading provider of "Web Audio to Go" solutions - today announced a beta release of the Voquette Media Manager(tm) Version 1.3 for Rio 300 and 500 Portable Digital Audio Players.

With Voquette's new software version, more than a half million projected Rio users can now extend the use of their players beyond MP3 music and record the wide collection of streaming audio available on the Web. Content such as news broadcasts, financial updates, concert webcasts, web radio shows and audiobooks can now be securely downloaded onto Rio devices and played while away from the PC.

The Voquette Media Manager PC client software provides an intuitive tool for managing and recording Web Audio content. Users can now select, download and play all popular formats of web audio including streaming media in the leading Real Audio and Windows Media formats, and MP3 music - as well as text-to-speech - for listening anywhere, anytime.

Since Voquette introduced its first "Web Audio to Go" solution and Voquette Media Manager in late November 1999, the company has delivered solutions that support MiniDiscs, Cassette Recorders and MP3 players.

For a limited time, Voquette's new Media Manager Beta Version 1.3 for Rio players will be available to the first 10,000 users for free. The software can be downloaded from Voquette's web site -

"We are redefining the Web experience so that people can enjoy the increasingly rich blend of Internet audio content that is available on the web at the time and place they choose," said Philip J. Monego Sr., Chairman and CEO of Voquette. "Voquette's mission is to enable Web audio content to be played on any device a consumer wants - whether it's a Rio player, MiniDisc or a cassette tape player."

A unique feature of the Voquette Media Manager is the Scheduled Automatic Recording capability. With this feature users can pre-schedule the recording of upcoming broadcasts - such as daily radio or financial conference calls - as well as schedule the download of MP3 music and other audio content, in order to take advantage of Internet off-peak hours. The Voquette software will automatically download and record the playlists onto the user's portable audio device.

About the Voquette Media Manager

Whether it's music, a favorite web broadcast radio show, news, financial updates, or audiobooks, Voquette's solutions are designed to help consumers locate, organize, record and playback just about any audio content found on the Internet.

Using patent-pending, "Automatic-Pull-and-Record" technology, the Voquette Media Manager software enables users to create personalized daily audio programs without worrying about audio formats, nor downloading and updating a variety of media players.

Users can combine multiple audio formats into a playlist by simply dragging and dropping audio content found on the Internet or a PC hard-drive onto the Voquette Media Manager icon, named Victor. These playlists can then be played in real-time or recorded for future playback on portable audio devices. Formats supported include Real Audio®, Windows Media Player®, MP3 music, CD Tracks, Wav and Midi.

In addition, the Voquette Media Manager Plus(tm) software upgrade - which includes a Text-To-Speech engine - enables automatic conversion and recording of text content, including e-mails, Microsoft Word® documents, Web pages and other text files into audio format - adding more content to playlists. Users, for example, can take a business proposal, press release, product information, or a movie review with them on the road for listening. The Voquette Media Manager Plus text-to-speech software upgrade of the software is available on the Voquette web site for $29.99. The upgrade also will be available for Rio players with the final release of Media Manager Version 1.3.

For MiniDisc and cassette tape players, Voquette offers a Voquette NetLink(tm) adapter that connects the audio player to a desktop or laptop computer.

About Voquette

Voquette ( expands the full potential of mobile Web audio by delivering solutions that enable all forms of audio content found on the Internet to be played on all types of portable audio devices.

In delivering "Web Audio to Go" solutions, Voquette is pioneering new ways for consumers to locate, organize, download and play their favorite Web audio - when and where they want to hear it. In addition, through its relationships with major consumer electronic partners, Voquette is bringing Web Audio to a variety of portable audio recording/playing devices, including MiniDiscs, Tape Cassette Recorders, MP3 players and CD-R/RW.

The startup company - managed by industry veterans from Internet, computer, networking, database and consumer electronics companies - is based in San Mateo, CA.

Voquette, the Voquette logo, Voquette Media Manager, Voquette NetLink, and Voquette NetRecorder are trademarks of Voquette. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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