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Rimage Puts the CD in KODAK Picture CD

Rimage Puts the CD in KODAK Picture CD

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Rimage Corporation announced today it is providing CD production capabilities for Kodak Picture CD, a new product from Eastman Kodak Company and Intel Corporation .

Rimage's fast, reliable, and automated CD recording systems help generate Picture CDs at Kodak's nationwide network of Qualex photofinishing labs. These labs supply photo processing for major retail chains, including CVS, Eckerd Drug, Kmart, Target and Walgreen's, as well as many other smaller retailers and regional chains. When dropping off a roll of film for development, a consumer checks the Picture CD box on the film-processing envelope, and a Rimage Perfect Image® Producer Autostar System transfers a consumer's pictures to an easy-to-store, virtually indestructible CD-Recordable (CD-R) disc.

The Autostar's automated production reduces the risk of human error at the labs, and the in-line thermal printer custom prints customer-identification information on the surface of the CD, ensuring that customers receive their own pictures. Picture CD also uses Kodak's CD-PROM technology (for Compact Disc-Programmable ROM), which combines the technologies of two CDs in one new type of media. The innovative technology contains mass-replicated information, like the software titles, music and projects published on Picture CD, but the CD-PROM technology adds a new feature -- a recordable area that, in this case, allows Kodak and Autostar to customize each Picture CD with consumers' pictures.

Autostar is part of an entirely new system operating in Qualex labs, which is powered by Intel Architecture-based equipment, enabling Qualex labs to produce a series of digitization products, including Picture CD and Kodak Picture Disk, as well as to support Internet uploads to Kodak PhotoNet(TM) Online and to the AOL "You've Got Pictures" service. The equipment is based on dual Intel® Pentium® II processor-based servers, which manage all transactions, a series of high-performance workstations and high-powered film scanners. Featuring 400 MHz Intel® Pentium® II processors, the workstations manage all image processing and image compression of digitization products.

"The Rimage Producer Autostar System offers the speed and reliability needed to turn out CDs in our highest volume Qualex labs," said James Leonard, director of advanced imaging systems at Kodak. "Rimage's innovative software and enhanced robotics provide excellent throughput and their innovation and long-standing leadership in manufacturing CD-R systems is consistent with Kodak standards."

Picture CD provides customers with an easy way to bring their traditional film into the digital world. By doing so, they can take advantage of things like enhancing and emailing pictures.

"With Picture CD, Kodak and Intel show consumers how easy and fun digital photography can be, while preserving the great image quality and familiarity of traditional film photography and paper prints," said Ken Klinck, vice president sales and marketing at Rimage. "We're proud that Rimage systems are generating CDs that families will treasure alongside their traditional family photo albums."

Picture CD gives consumers the benefit of storing their photos in digital form, and exchanging them through email, without worrying about scanners or digital cameras. Each disc contains image-editing software from Adobe Systems, Incorporated, that lets users trim images, correct for "red eye", or enhance their pictures.

Picture CD is just one of the ways Rimage systems are being used to distribute digital information on CDs. Providers of digital music use Rimage systems to build compilation discs that customers can order online or at retail kiosks. Many game and software suppliers also employ Rimage systems for on-demand, customized CD production, and Rimage systems are used in a wide variety of high-volume or just-in-time data distribution applications.

Minnesota-based Rimage Corporation has been in business since 1978 and has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company's major products include digital publishing and duplication systems for CD-R media serving many diverse markets, including government, finance, health care, software manufacturing and entertainment.

Additional information about Picture CD is available on the Internet at

SOURCE: Rimage Corporation

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