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Psygnosis Releases First DVD Game, Lander

Game Sets Visual and Audio Precedent in the DVD Format

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 1999--Today, Psygnosis completed another PC gaming technology milestone with the release of its first DVD computer game, Lander(TM).

Offering a new dimension of sound and vision to gamers, Lander, a space action/adventure game, sets a precedent for the future of interactive entertainment with advanced video and audio technology. At retail, Psygnosis will offer Lander on both DVD-ROM and PC CD-ROM on separate discs in one package.

"The market is craving DVD content and the response to Lander by consumers, the media and our technology partners has been phenomenal," commented Harry Vitelli, Vice President, Marketing for Psygnosis US. "The highly realistic motion-picture video sequences, along with Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel audio, make for a super realistic gameplay experience in the DVD version. At the same, we wanted to be sure that all space adventure game enthusiasts had equal opportunity to play the game, so we're offering both the DVD and PC versions of Lander in the same package."

The DVD version of Lander delivers high-resolution MPEG 2 video sequences along with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio creating a true theatrical experience of both sight and sound. Dolby Digital 5.1 audio is featured throughout the game, both in the video sequences as well as mixed together with in-game sound effects. The PC version of the game is also a fully-featured game, offering both Dolby Surround sound and MPEG 1 video sequences (slightly shorter in length) on a single CD-ROM.

Lander is also optimized to allow gamers play the game's DVD movies and trailers on a DVD movie player or, if they want, they can just listen to the game's gorgeous sound track.

About Lander

Skill is the name of the game as you pilot a jet-powered interplanetary Lander through the Solar System. The story begins in 3032, as you undertake an incredible journey across the solar system to seek your fortune.

You are hired to undertake a series of deep space industrial contracts, starting with a scientific expedition to an ancient Mayan site on Earth. An artifact is discovered -- an extra-terrestrial object left by some unknown civilization. The key to its origin seems to lie among the outer reaches of the planets. Powerful corporations want the secret you are about to discover. Suddenly, your mission becomes a great deal more dangerous.

With 30 missions and four craft to chose from, there is plenty of action to show off your flying and tracking skills. Using a unique thruster-based control system, you must maneuver your Lander through difficult obstacles and traps on land surfaces, in subterranean caverns and throughout planetary installations. Atmospheric conditions vary based on the extremes of the ground or space environments and external forces such as gravity and wind tunnels challenge your piloting skill.

This attention to detail along with the gripping, feature film-quality video sequences draw you ever further into this deep and intriguing game. Extensive use is made of real-time lighting to illustrate the effects of the sun and moons across the planets and an eerie, futuristic sound-track increases the atmospheric mood.

Finally, to make the gameplay even more intrigue, Psygnosis has added multiplayer gameplay for up to eight players over a LAN network or the Internet.

Psygnosis has created more than 130 titles in numerous game genres to critical acclaim. Amont the company's most notable franchises the Lemmings(TM) puzzle game series, Wipeout(TM), Destruction Derby®, Colony Wars(TM), G-Police(TM), Rollcage(TM), and Formula 1. For more information about Psygnosis, visit their website at Psygnosis is a subsidiary of SONY.

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