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Anti-Piracy CD Technology Disc-Guard Prevents Software Theft
ANAHEIM, Calif., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerging Company Report, the nationally syndicated television program which profiles emerging-growth companies (, produces their program "On-Location" this week from the Life Expo Investment Conference and features interviews with and TTR Technologies, Inc.

TTR Technologies, Inc. Vice-President Robert Friedman demonstrated his company's Disc-Guard(TM) technology, showing how a pirated CD file structure can exactly resemble the original, "until someone tries to use the software," he explained. During the demonstration, the PC screen appeared to simply melt when the pirated CD's use was attempted. Director of Investor Relations Michael Manahan described the antiquated methods of the health care information system. "Doctors and hospitals are still keeping appointments in handwritten books, people sometimes have to wait for hours or even days while insurance payment for a procedure is authorized," he said. "With the Internet-based health care management system, all of this and more becomes almost immediately available with a mouse-click." The company projects current fiscal year revenues in excess of $40 million out of an overall market estimated at $30 billion.

Previously featured companies whose progress is updated on Emerging Company Report this week include: Chairman and CEO James R. West announced his company has developed an Internet search system called a "Shop Engine," which allows consumers who may be looking for particular items to purchase a faster method in which to get what they want.

Itronics, Inc.CEO Dr. John Whitney discusses his company's business of making silver bars and fertilizers from photochemical waste fluid. President Tom Taylor unveiled his company's Genetic Caching technology, which helps the Internet work faster.

Also: ProCyte Corporation, ISM Holding Corporation, M & A West, Inc., Micro-Laboratories, Inc., Consolidated Data, Inc., Itronics, Inc., Creative Hosts Services Intl., Inc., Twistee Treat Corporation and Saf-T-Hammer Corporation.

Viewers of Emerging Company Report can receive free information in the mail about featured companies by calling a toll-free phone number on their TV screen. The television program, which debuted in the Fall of 1996 is seen Friday evenings at 11:00 ET, 8:00 PT, Saturdays at 2:00 PM ET, 11:00 AM PT and Sunday mornings at 11:30 ET, 8:30 PT. The program is available to 24 million cable TV homes in more than 150 cities nationwide.

The program can also be viewed "On-Demand" at the Emerging Company Report web site,

Emerging Company Report television program, Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. Emerging Company Report does not provide an analysis of companies' financial positions and is not soliciting to purchase or sell securities of the companies, nor is Emerging Company Report offering a recommendation of featured companies or their stocks. Information discussed herein has been provided by the companies and should be verified independently with the companies and a securities analyst. Emerging Company Report has been paid a cash fee of $9,500.00 by the featured companies, does not accept company stock as payment for services, does not hold any positions in featured companies and the information herein is not an endorsement by the producers, publisher or parent company of Emerging Company Report.

SOURCE: Emerging Company Report

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