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Netdrives Introduces the First MP3/CD Player for Home Stereo Systems
NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Aug. 9, 1999--netDrives introduced today the world's first MP3/CD player for a home stereo system at the Interactive Music Xpo in New York City. The player, called the Brujo (brew-hoe), is the first on the market that can directly connect to a home stereo's receiver or amplified stereo speakers.

"Because of the Brujo, MP3s are no longer limited to computer speakers or the headphones of a portable player"' said Jennifer Wolfe, president of netDrives. "The Brujo is spurring the evolution of MP3 by allowing the music to be heard by a wider audience."

The Brujo is the first MP3 player that is "PC free,"' meaning it never needs to be hooked up to a personal computer. Users download MP3 files from the Internet and burn them on to a CD, which can hold over 11 hours of music. The CD can then be played on the Brujo to enjoy through a home stereo system.

In addition to recognizing MP3 files, the Brujo also plays traditional CDs. "This feature eliminates the need for another piece of hardware," said Wolfe, who added that the Brujo also comes with a remote control. The Brujo can be purchased through netDrives' Web site at

Headquartered in Ithaca, N.Y., netDrives is dedicated to developing digital audio products and services that make the latest music technology affordable. Through its introduction of the world's first MP3/CD player for home stereos, netDrives is providing greater accessibility to digital music for all consumers. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

netDrives is affiliated with Glyph Technologies Inc., an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and integrating computer-based, digital storage devices for audio and video production professionals. Glyph provides state-of-the-art sound storage systems for film, television and most major recording artists. For more information, visit Glyph's Web site at

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