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Ricoh Announces High Performance 'Mobile' CD-R/CD-RW Drive
TUSTIN, Calif., July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Disc Media and Systems- Center (DMS-C) today announced a new high performance portable CD-R/CD-RW drive created specifically for laptop PC users.

Called the Ricoh MediaMaster MP8040SE, the drive has 4X CD-R recording, 4X CD-RW rewriting and a 20X (maximum speed) CD-reader and is MAP listed at $549. The new package will be available in early August.

The drive weighs less than 360 grams and, at .09 inches, is super slim. Additionally, the MP8040SE incorporates LSI (Large Scale Integration) technology with an extra small pick-up module to create a fast unit that can be used as a full-time CD-ROM drive. Because the unit comes with a PCMCIA SCSI interface card, users do not need to buy additional hardware.

A recent independent benchmark test released by XXCAL Testing Laboratories in Japan revealed that the MP8040SE's performance was nearly comparable in CD-Recording and CD-Rewriting speeds to the high performance MP7040A and recorded CD-Rs two times faster than a 4X/20X portable CD-recorder/reader drive tested.

In addition, the MP8040SE's CPU utilization is lower overall than the MP7040A and much lower than the competitor's CD-recordable drive. This factor is extremely important for use in laptops because it allows portable computer owners to utilize a multi-task environment without stressing the frequently lower-powered laptop CPUs. The drive also has a 2 MB buffer size, that stains the data transfer and avoids buffer under-run.

The MP8040SE drive package includes media, a high-performance PCMCIA interface card and user-friendly Adaptec software. The DirectCD 2.5 packet writing software allows users to drag and drop within Windows Explorer to write files to CD-R and CD-RW media. Easy CD Creator pre-mastering software assists in the creation of CD-Rs in multiple formats.

System Requirements

The Ricoh MP8040SE works with any IBM PC/AT Compatible (Pentium 133MHz or better), requires Windows 95 (OSR2 or later), 98 or NT WS4.0 (Service Pack 3 or 4) operating system, and 32MB of RAM (64MB recommended for NT).

About Ricoh DMS-Center

Headquartered in Tustin, Calif., Ricoh DMS-C (Disc, Media and Systems Center), an operating unit of Ricoh Company LTD, Japan, is a major OEM and supplier of CD-R/RW drives, optical storage products, recordable media and related software products. DMS-C, is one of the original consortium members who developed the CD-RW (rewritable) industry specifications, and the first manufacturer to market a CD rewritable disc drive. Ricoh holds many worldwide patents, including one for CD-RW media. Customer product inquiries and information requests can be directed to Ricoh 877-Ricoh RW. (877-742-6479), through the website

SOURCE: Ricoh Corporation

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