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Pioneer Multimedia is once again proving its leadership in DVD technology by launching the world's fastest DVD-ROM drive, the 10X DVD-AO4SZ. The new drive will be bundled in retail outlets throughout Europe from October with a cutting-edge package including FOX Interactive's X-Files Game and Interplay's Baldur's Gate. Both titles are DVD-ROM versions.

With market leading transfer rates of 10X for DVD-ROM (13.5 MB/s) and 40X for CD-ROM (6 MB/s), the new drive operates more than 40 per cent more efficiently than its predecessor and supports multiple disc formats including DVD-R and DVD-RW. It also comes with improved seek and access times of 90ms and 100ms for DVD-ROM and 70ms and 80ms for CD-ROM and is completed with ATAPI (DVD-AO4SZ) interface.

The drive can read both single and dual layer DVD discs. In comparison to a CD-ROM disc, a single-sided, single-layer DVD disc offers seven times the capacity and a double-sided, dual-layer DVD disc, 26 times the capacity.

Both the X-Files game and Baldur's Gate incorporate visual and audio DVD quality and are indicative of the capacity and flexibility of the new technology. The X-Files game incorporates MPEG2 video and high quality sound. This material includes specially created footage used only for this game. The X-Files is a great adventure game that intrigues the mind. Extensive knowledge of the TV series however is not necessary.

Baldur's Gate is an exciting role-playing game in true Dungeons and Dragons tradition. The 7 disc CD-ROM version was a Top 5 hit across Europe and is now available on one DVD-ROM (DVD-5).

Chris Tampsett, Optical Systems Product Manager at Pioneer Multimedia comments, "This is the fastest DVD-ROM drive on the market, with excellent features and, bundled with such a fantastic package, we are confident that it will be extremely well received. We will be supporting it with an extensive marketing campaign.

"Pioneer Multimedia invests considerably in research and development and as a key member of the DVD Consortium, which decides the specifications for future technology, we are at the fore front of multimedia development. Our innovations this year, with our 2nd generation DVD-R writer, 720 disc DVD autochanger and now the fastest DVD-ROM drive, are clear evidence of our lead in the market."


NB notes to editors:

Product features:
512 Kbytes buffer memory
Digital audio output (ATAPI only)
Front panel headphone jack and volume control knob
Compatible with Windows 98 Plug and Play standard, Windows NT3.51/4.0, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS6.0 or later

The DVD-A04SZ is equipped with Pioneer's slot-in disc loading mechanism, featuring a chucking system for safer disc handling, as well as enabling horizontal and vertical mounting for added flexibility, making it ideal for the requirements of OEMs. Like Pioneer's other DVD-ROM drives, the mechanism grips the disc by both edges without touching the data surfaces and operates gently to eliminate any risk of damage. In addition, ejected discs are held in the slot with the central hole visible to allow discs to be removed without leaving fingerprints on the data surfaces.

Pioneer Electronic (Europe) N.V's, (PEE) Multimedia Division is part of the Pioneer Electronic Corporation (PEC) which began as an audio products manufacturer in Japan in 1938 and is now a world leader in electronics products for the home, commerce and industry. Based outside London, England, PEE's Multimedia Division has nine distribution subsidiaries located throughout Europe and is a leader in multimedia technology, both optical disk and large screen audio-visual display and electronic presentation.

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