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Philips Semiconductors Launches First CD Player Chipset With CD-RW Compatibility

CD10 Chipset Provides Low Cost Solution for Stationary And Auto Audio Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 1999--Philips Semiconductors today announced the CD10 chipset, the world's first two chip solution to deliver CD-RW (compact disc, re-writeable) compatibility for CD audio players.

The CD10 chipset allows designers to build audio players that can read all forms of CDs, without an increase in component count.

"CD audio recorders have introduced CD-RW technology to the home audio market," said Charles Limonard, international product manager for consumer CD/DVD systems at Philips Semiconductors.

"Many CD players cannot play discs recorded on CD-RW audio recorders. Discs written by CD-RW drives reflect a much lower level of light than pressed CDs or those written with a CD-R recorder, which results in the generation of a lower level electrical signal. With Philips Semiconductors' CD10 chipset, audio CD players can play home recorded discs."

"All the major high-end CD equipment manufacturers are already using Philips Semiconductors' digital servo technology integrated in the CD7 product due to its superior ability to play discs that are damaged or non-standard," continued Limonard. "The Philips Semiconductors CD10 incorporates this same technology with the added functionality necessary to support CD-RW audio playback."

The CD10 Solution

There are two chips in the CD10 chipset, the TZA1024/25/26, which provides a data amplifier and laser supply circuit, while the SAA7324/25/26 is the digital servo, decoder and DAC. Three versions of the set are available: the CD10 is intended for 2X systems, including portable applications; the CD10LC is ideal for budget 1X systems and most stationary systems; and the CD10Auto is designed for in-car use.

Philips Semiconductors' CD10 chipset is particularly suitable for applications such as portable radio-CD-cassette players (boom-boxes), personal CD players, integrated mini/micro systems and lower-cost in-car entertainment systems. The CD10 is software compatible with Philips Semiconductors' previous generation, the widely used CD7.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of the CD10 chipset are available now in the QFP 64 package from Philips Semiconductors. Pricing for a 2X system for example, the TZA1024 with the SAA7324 is $2.80 in quantities of 500,000 or more. This price is valid when purchasing a complete 2X system kit from Philips Semiconductors.

The developers' kit, which only requires connection to a power supply before starting design work, includes the CD10 chip set, supporting interface devices, a main PCB and connector, and user interface PCBs. Software and full documentation, a user manual, assembly drawings and circuit diagrams are also included.

About Philips Semiconductors

Philips Semiconductors, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics North America Corporation and an affiliate of Royal Philips Electronics, headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is the eighth largest semiconductor supplier in the world (according to Dataquest's 1998 ranking by sales).

Philips Semiconductors' innovations in digital audio, video, and mobile technology position the company as a leader in the consumer, multimedia and wireless communications markets. Sales offices are located in all major markets around the world and are supported by systems labs.

Additional information on Philips Semiconductors can be found on the home page at or by calling 800/447-1500 ext. 1798.

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