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DATA BECKER'S MP3 Wizard Revolutionizes MP3 Music Market

Enables Users to Easily Create Custom CDs From Downloadable MP3s

NEEDHAM HEIGHTS, Mass.--(ENTERTAINMENT EDITORS)--July 19, 1999--DATA BECKER Corporation, a publisher of high quality, value priced computer software and books for the North American retail market, today introduced MP3 Wizard - the first software product available to the retail market that allows users to download MP3 files from the Internet, convert them to WAV, record them onto CD and listen to them anywhere.

"While ten's of thousands of songs are now available to consumers over the Internet through the MP3 file format, music enthusiasts are currently limited to listening to these songs on their computer or a hand-held MP3 player," said Howard March, president of DATA BECKER. "MP3 Wizard overcomes this limitation and allows consumers to fully take advantage of the hottest music file format on the Internet by turning MP3 files into custom built audio CDs that can be listened to at home, in a car, or anywhere music CDs are enjoyed."

How it works

MP3 Wizard allows consumers to create a "hit mix" CD of their dreams with just a few clicks of a mouse by seamlessly converting MP3 files that users have downloaded to their hard drive to audio CDs. The user-friendly MP3 Wizard interface enables users to arrange MP3 songs for playback, conversion and recording using most CD-R drives available on the market today.

Key features of MP3 Wizard include, the Collection Manager, which allows users to build and manage their MP3 collections; the Hit Manager that categorizes songs, collections, and MP3 links to the Internet; a Search Wizard that allows users to quickly and easily find songs from their archives; and an Integrated MP3 Player that enables users to play MP3 and WAV songs from the interface before recording.

Additionally, MP3 Wizard provides advanced search capabilities that enable users to easily locate sound files that best fit the remaining space on a their custom made CD, automatic volume normalization (at 0 db) that ensures consistent recordings every time, and the automatic creation of a CD conception file that allows users to begin recording with one mouse click.

Availability and Pricing

MP3 Wizard will be available in August in a variety of retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada, as well as through Internet retail channels and at MP3 Wizard has a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRB) of $29.95. For more information call DATA BECKER at 781-453-2340 or visit

System Requirements

Available on CD-ROM, MP3 Wizard system requirements include Pentium 133; Windows 95 / 98 with 32 MB of RAM; CD-R or CD-RW drive; CD-ROM Drive; 16 bit sound card; speakers; and 800 x 600 hi color graphics.


DATA BECKER CORPORATION ( is a privately held publisher of high quality, value priced computer software and books for the North American retail market. DATA BECKER CORPORATION, founded in 1999, joins its associate company, DATA BECKER GmbH & Co. KG (Dusseldorf, Germany), one of the leading publishers of computer software, books, and magazines throughout Europe. Together they form a worldwide publishing powerhouse with operations in every major consumer software market. DATA BECKER's diverse software titles fall into categories including entertainment and games, home design, music creation/recording, and web productivity/utility. Flagship titles include Jumbo Jet 2.0 (an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator), Complete Home Designer 3.0, and SoundClips 10,000. Visit for complete product offerings.

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