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Windows NT Users Can Now Run a DVD-RAM Drive With SAI's WriteDVD! for NT

WriteDVD! is everything you need to run a DVD-RAM drive on Windows NT plus the advantage of formatting disks that are interchangeable with other computer systems

BOTHELL, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 7, 1999-- Software Architects, Inc. (SAI) announced shipment today of its latest DVD-RAM utility, WriteDVD!(tm) for NT.

Announcing the shipment, SAI President Robert Zollo commented: "SAI is excited to extend the powerful capabilities of DVD-RAM to the NT community worldwide. As the first to offer DVD-RAM capability to Windows 95, Windows 98 and Macintosh users, SAI has been dedicated to the task of including NT users in the DVD-RAM family and providing them the software necessary to take advantage of the immense multimedia and data storage benefits that come with using DVD-RAM."

WriteDVD! includes the SmartDVD!(tm) device driver, a FormatUDF!(tm) formatting utility, and the world's first commercially developed read/write Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system. The SmartDVD! device driver enables a DVD-RAM drive to read from CD-ROM, CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW and Video CD as well as DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM. WriteDVD! eliminates problems associated with moving data between different computers and operating systems. NT users can now format and run their drives using the industry standard UDF format or Windows FAT format. Based on 2.0, the latest version of UDF guidelines, WriteDVD! deals comprehensively with the requirements specific to Windows NT. UDF is an internationally recognized standard developed by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) and specified by the DVD Forum as well as the International Standards Organization (ISO 13346).

WriteDVD! guarantees the NT user reliable disk interchange, drive software that reads all media types, unprecedented flexibility, a user-friendly interface and a file and formatting system that's built on the universally recognized UDF 2.0 standard. WriteDVD! supports all SCSI and ATAPI DVD-RAM drives in the marketplace.

List price is US $80.00 worldwide. Dealer and OEM pricing available.

SAI (est. 1987) develops system-level utility software and specialty applications for personal computers. Its line of Macintosh and Windows software includes file systems, disk management and acceleration, personal backup, image enhancement and pre-mastering applications. A member of OSTA and the DVD Forum, SAI plays a leading role in the development of UDF/DVD technology.

To see a demo of WriteDVD! for NT, join us at the PCxPress reception during PC Expo, June 22.


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