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TEAC Announces Its First CD-Rewriteable Drive

New High-Performance 4X4X32 Records on Rewritable CD-RW Media At Professional Speeds

NEW YORK, PC EXPO, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- TEAC, a world leader in the manufacture of CD-ROM, CD-Recordable and removable storage technology, today announces its first 4X4X32 CD-Rewritable Drive (CD-RW). The new 4X4X32 now establishes TEAC as a top producer of CD-RW drives by offering a winning combination of write, rewrite and playback performance.

TEAC's latest 4X4X32 CD-RW drive, model CD-W54E, both writes and rewrites at 600KB per second (4X) and reads at a 4.8MB per second (32X) data transfer rate. This combination coupled with a 100ms average access time and 2MB data buffer, makes the new CD-RW an extremely efficient and reliable device for the recording, rewriting and playback of CD media. The 4X4X32 allows the user to create up to 650MB of data and the equivalent of 74 minutes of audio on all CD formats, including CD-R media for permanent, affordable storage or on reusable CD-RW media for applications such as personal backup. In addition, the 4X4X32 boasts a MTBF (mean time between failure) of 100,000 POH (power on hours), proving its longlasting performance and durability.

"TEAC is driven to provide the latest storage solutions for a highly demanding and constantly changing community," stated Les Luzar, division manager, TEAC America's Data Storage Products Division. "With more than 200 million CD-ROM drives and 600 million audio CD players installed worldwide, our new 4X4X32 uses the most practical and compatible media for today's storage applications."

The 4X4X32 CD-RW includes an IDE/ATAPI interface for easy plug-and-play installation. The drive also comes with a convenient power loading tray, front LED indicators, a volume knob and a headphone jack.

The 4X4X32 will be available as a complete Windows 95/98 and NT compatible kit in September. Like all of TEAC's Data Storage Products, the 4X4X32 will be available to resellers and VARs through the company's network of authorized distributors.

Since 1953, TEAC Corporation has been an innovator and worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of audio, video and data recording technologies. Its products are utilized in the computer data storage, consumer and professional audio and industrial video and instrumentation markets.

TEAC's Data Storage Products Division, a pioneer in both magnetic and optical recording technologies, is a leading supplier of floppy disk drives. The division also is a top worldwide manufacturer of innovative CD-ROM and CD-Recordable drives, as well as optical storage solutions for both desktop and notebook computers.

TEAC's data storage products are sold throughout the world. In fact, more TEAC data storage products can be found in the world's personal computers than any other brand. The company sells its products to leading PC system manufacturers, commercial and industrial distributors, and computer retail and mail order companies.

TEAC products are sold and serviced throughout the world by the corporation's network of subsidiaries. Those subsidiary companies include: TEAC America, Inc., TEAC Deutschland GmbH, TEAC UK Limited, TEAC France S.A. and TEAC Australia PTY LTD.

TEAC America, Inc. is active in the development, sales and marketing of these removable storage products throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

TEAC America, Inc. will be exhibiting its full line of data storage products June 22-24, 1999 at PC Expo Booth #4480 in the New York Jacob Javits Convention Center.

SOURCE: TEAC America, Inc.

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