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Sony Develops PlayStation DVD
Sony of Japan has developed a new laser device for "the PlayStation game machine" which is able to read both DVD and CD formats.

June 8, 1999

A Reuters article reports that the product, which Sony Corporation created with its Japanese subsidiary, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, has been devised for use with a "PlayStation game machine".

Before that ambiguous revelation sends PlayStation owners into a DVD frenzy, it's safe to assume that the laser will be used with Sony's next generation PlayStation 2 console rather than the current PlayStation platform. The massively-anticipated console is set for release according to the report "in Japan by this winter," which presumably means that Sony is on target for the console's previously-targeted March, 2000 launch date.

Before this new invention it was only possible to play both digital video discs and compact discs using separate laser pickups. However Sony's technology can produce lasers of both wavelengths, which could lead to a reduction of components in CD/DVD drives and an improvement in the drives' reliability.

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