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ReQuest Unveils Home Stereo MP3 Unit at MP3 Summit99

AudioReQuest Stereo System Component Stores 150 Hours of Digital Music for Playback

SAN DIEGO--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--June 15, 1999--ReQuest, Inc., an innovator in consumer interactive multimedia, today announced AudioReQuest, a stereo component system that stores, organizes, and plays up to 150 hours of CD-quality digital music.

Without relying on a PC, the AudioReQuest player combines MPEG I Layer 3 compression (MP3) and other popular Internet music formats with high-capacity storage to make a small, convenient modern home jukebox.

Designed specifically to connect with home entertainment systems, AudioReQuest is the first consumer product that encodes audio compact discs directly into CD-quality digitally compressed music. The AudioReQuest unit includes a CD player that allows users to store up to 150 hours of compact disc music, eliminating both the bulk of CD collections and the need to manually change CDs while listening to different artists.

Music enthusiasts with collections of older analog formats such as audio cassettes or LP records can digitally encode their favorites through AudioReQuest's Line-In Input. Through a parallel connection, users can also download digital music directly from a PC or the Internet.

"People already enjoy the ease and convenience of downloading music from the Internet to build personal collections. With AudioReQuest, they can play these collections on a stereo system without a computer," said Steven Vasquez, Chief Executive Officer of ReQuest, Inc. "Entire music collections become available from one-point storage and playback."

Connected to any television, AudioReQuest provides an interface that allows users to play CD-quality digital music while creating playlists, organizing music or watching animation that ranges from fireworks to psychedelic shows that move in time with the music. Users can also import pictures from a digital camera to create slide shows that play along with music selections. Users operate AudioReQuest with a simple remote control or an optional wireless keyboard.

AudioReQuest will be available in the fall of 1999 at an estimated retail price of $599.95. The AudioReQuest stereo music player provides connectivity to Minidisc, DAT, and high-end amplifiers through digital input/output and will ship with a remote control and all the audio, video, and PC connections needed to link it with a home entertainment system.

ReQuest is driving the consumer multimedia market by providing innovative products that enable home users to create, store, access and experience compelling new media content through their stereo and television systems and the Internet. In addition to AudioReQuest, ReQuest, Inc. is releasing PhotoReQuest, a set-top box that stores photos from digital cameras and displays them onto any television set. ReQuest Inc. is privately owned. For information contact ReQuest, 435 2nd Avenue, Troy, NY 12182, email [email protected], or visit the Web site at

     ReQuest, Inc.
     Steven Vasquez
     Chief Executive Officer
     Frederick Alm
     Marketing Director

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