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Procom Unveils Next Generation of CD-R Functionality With New CD-R800 PRO Tower

Delivers Unprecedented Speed and Flexibility for CD Duplication Applications

SANTA ANA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 1999--Procom Technology Inc. today announced the new CD-R800 PRO tower, a self-contained unit that can perform offline CD duplication (without the need for a host computer connection) while simultaneously supporting online operations.

It combines eight CD-R drives with an internal hard drive and onboard controller to produce a new level of versatility in CD-ROM duplications.

"The CD-R800 PRO is the first solution that addresses the full range of an organization's CD-R requirements in a single device," said Michael Khoyilar, Procom Product Manager. "It is an ideal solution for everything from backing up a host PC to high-speed, concurrent duplication of eight CDs to offline or self-contained operation."

The CD-R800 PRO is capable of producing eight CDs simultaneously, supporting virtually any format, including Single Session, Closed and Open Multi Session CD, CD-ROM, ISO 9660, Mixed Mode, Mac, CD-XA, CD-DA, Photo CD and CD Audio.

Using the internal hard disk drive, the CD-R800 PRO allows users to write images to the unit for later off-line duplication, eliminating the need to repeatedly download files for CD-R duplication.

Procom designed the CD-R800 PRO as a fully self-contained CD-ROM duplication center. All units arrive completely configured and ready for use with no additional hardware or software installation required. Users simply load the master and blank CDs, set the options and proceed with the duplication.

To protect against potential session write errors that can waste blank CD-R media, the CD-R800 PRO includes a Test Write Mode that verifies the blank CD media before attempting a permanent duplication.

Key benefits of Procom's breakthrough technology of the CD-R800 PRO include:

  • It is capable of producing eight CDs simultaneously in the same amount of time it takes to record one
  • It supports Standalone Mode with no host PCs required and Online Mode allowing PC to access one CD-R drive for online recording
  • Internal hard drive allows CD images to be stored internally for future recording without host PC intervention
  • It is highly versatile with read and write support for most standard CD formats
  • The test write mode, if used before writing, saves media by verifying blank CD-R discs before duplication
  • It extracts audio tracks from single or multiple CDs to internal hard drive for creation of custom audio CDs
  • High-capacity internal hard disk storage allows the creation and storage of up to five CD images on the internal hard drive, making future duplications a fast and easy process.

-- Power tray loading - no CD caddy required

Procom's CD-R800 PRO is backed by a three-year warranty, one-year overnight replacement policy and toll-free technical support. It is currently available at an average selling price of $4,950.

About Procom

Procom is a pioneer in networked data storage, providing innovative reliable data access and protection solutions for almost a decade. The company has leveraged its position as market-share leader in CD/DVD-ROM networking to provide network attached storage (NAS) solutions for enterprise, workgroup, ISP and e-commerce applications.

Procom appliances now set the standard for affordability and performance. They feature proprietary embedded software for seamless integration of NAS into all major networking environments -- UNIX(see note), Windows NT(see note) and the World Wide Web. Technological breakthroughs involve the first plug-and-play protected data storage appliance for workgroups, and "virtual zero downtime" symmetric fault tolerant filers for e-commerce applications.

Major corporations and government agencies worldwide depend on Procom appliances for fast, reliable, cost-effective access to network-stored data. End users include AT&T, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Pfizer, Xerox, GE, CitiGroup, Deloitte & Touche, Merrill Lynch, Pacific Bell, Sprint, NASA, the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense.

Procom products are offered in more than 90 countries worldwide. They are covered by comprehensive warranty plans and backed by one of the industry's most respected technical support teams.

Procom has headquarters at 1821 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705-5700, and can be reached by phone at 949/852-1000, by fax at 949/852-1221, by e-mail at [email protected] or on the Internet at Procom is publicly traded on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol "PRCM."

Note: A trademark or trade name of an entity other than Procom.

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