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New Kodak CD-PROM Technology Combines Two CDs In One New Disc

Kodak Is First Company To Perfect Hybrid CD Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28--Eastman Kodak Company today announced Kodak CD-PROM technology, a new compact disc technology with exciting applications for the computer industry.

Kodak CD-PROM technology (for Compact Disc-Programmable ROM) combines the technologies of two CDs in one new type of media. It contains mass-replicated information, like the software titles, music and games published on CD-ROM. But these discs add a new feature--a recordable area that lets CD-PROM users customize individual discs.

The company is already using the discs in its Kodak Picture CD product for consumers, which is now available nationwide in the U.S. But the implications for the computer industry are much broader, including:

  • Reducing piracy of copyrighted information that's distributed on CD.
  • Providing companies a more efficient way to distribute their products on CD.
  • Customizing products to make them more useful and fun for end-users.

The technology can be applied to future DVD applications, although there is not currently a standard for hybrid media in the DVD specification as there is in the CD format specifications, such as Orange Book, Red Book and Yellow Book.

"The concept for this kind of hybrid compact disc has long been described throughout the industry, but Kodak is the first company to develop a practical, manufacturable disc," said Steve Glaza, general manager, Storage Business, and vice president, Digital and Applied Imaging, Kodak. "Anyone who can benefit from the ability to produce customized discs with mass-replicated content can employ Kodak CD-PROM technology."

Kodak CD-PROM technology is compliant with all industry standards. End-users of the media will be able to read the discs on equipment for reading CD-ROM discs.

The 120 mm hybrid disc allows multi-session recording and has a capacity of 680 MB. The space devoted to pre-mastered and recordable information can vary based on the needs of the application.

The technology uses modulated grooves that have the appearance of pits (like CD-ROM discs) and grooves (like CD-R discs) so that the disc can have a pre-stamped area and be appendable for writing. Kodak employs a stabilized cyanine dye across the disc. A gold reflective layer is used for the optimal combination of stability and reflectivity, enabling the reader to read the "pits" through the dye layer and a writer to write on the disc.

Kodak tests indicate that the discs perform as well as, or better than, current CD-R and CD-ROM media in playback compatibility, stability, robustness, error rates and other important measures.


Kodak is currently manufacturing CD-PROM discs and shipping them to customers who order Kodak Picture CDs. The company's mastering facility in Rochester and disc production facilities in Youghal, Ireland, and Guadalajara, Mexico are capable of producing CD-PROM discs (with the ROM portion pre-recorded) for other customers.

Kodak is currently talking to a number of large companies that may benefit from CD-PROM technology, including major players in the computer industry. The company is open to licensing the technology. Kodak also recently identified Rimage Corporation as its "preferred provider" of integrated hardware and software for publishing and duplication that will help to implement CD-PROM technology. Rimage, meanwhile, has chosen Kodak as its "preferred provider" of CD-PROM media for use with Rimage's systems. Together, the two companies will be able to offer complete solutions that allow customers to customize CD-PROM discs in their applications.

Kodak said the future direction of the technology will include products that allow end-users to write on CD-PROM discs at the desktop.

"The development of CD-PROM technology reflects Kodak's commitment to leadership in developing and applying 120 mm disc technology," Glaza said. "We believe that CD-PROM technology is a true breakthrough in CD technology, and we look forward to working with other leaders in the computer industry to take advantage of its many benefits."

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