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InterVideo First to Receive Microsoft's WHQL Logo for Software DVD Playback on Intel i810 Platform

WinDVD Software DVD Decoder Adds Another Microsoft Certification to Long List of Credits

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 3, 1999-- InterVideo, Inc. announced today that its highly acclaimed software DVD player, WinDVD, had passed Microsoft stringent test requirements for a Windows Hardware Quality Labs logo on a system configured with the new integrated graphics/core logic solution from Intel, the i810.

WinDVD is the first software DVD solution to be qualified by Microsoft when paired with the new chipset, also known in the industry as "Whitney."

Microsoft tests software DVD players for compliant implementation of their DirectShow APIs, support for a proper DVD navigation and a relatively bug-free user experience. Major U.S. system manufacturers require this logo status before they will consider shipping a software DVD solution.

WinDVD's impressive list of features includes an advanced intuitive user interface, software video window scaling, software and hardware sub-picture alpha blending, software video signal de-interlacing, and software color and brightness control. WinDVD includes state-of-the-art support for VCD disc and MP3 audio file playback, DVD region control and the most powerful and responsive DVD navigator in the industry. WinDVD has been unanimously praised throughout the PC industry for its exceptional video quality.

"The i810 is an important and interesting product in the continuing battle to cost down the PC," noted V.P. of sales and marketing, Joe Monastiero. "WinDVD takes full advantage of Intel's built-in DVD hardware acceleration to offer Microsoft-logo'd DVD playback on extremely cost-effective solutions."

WinDVD supports all of the industry standard DVD APIs, including DirectShow(TM), DirectDraw(TM) and DirectSound(TM), and is legacy compatible with the MCI interactive title standard. In addition, InterVideo has a unique application interface layer to allow WinDVD to quickly support any graphics adapter with DVD hardware-assist features, like motion compensation and IDCT.

WinDVD's architecture is uniquely modular and tightly tailored to the DVD specification and the intricacies of the PC system environment, providing the most seamless navigation experience available. WinDVD is available for licensing to OEMs directly and distribution for system integrators.

About InterVideo

InterVideo's executive team is comprised of PC DVD veterans instrumental in the formation of the PC DVD industry, coming from industry pioneering companies such as LuxSonor, Chromatic Research, Zoran and E4. IVI will release a series of products in 1999 to cover the full spectrum of advanced video and audio software in areas including DTV, streaming video and video encoding. InterVideo's headquarters is in Fremont and has a regional office in Taipei to support the Asian markets.

For more information about IVI, contact InterVideo at 510/651-0888 or visit the website at .

Note to Editors: WinDVD is a trademark of InterVideo, Inc. DirectShow, DirectDraw, and DirectSound are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. i810 is a trademark of Intel Corporation. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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