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DVD Forum Finalizes Physical Format of 4.7GB DVD-RAM, Version 2.0
TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 23, 1999--The DVD Forum today announced that its Steering Committee has formally approved the physical format of the DVD-RAM disks for 4.7 gigabytes (GB) as version 2.0. The Format Book for version 2.0 (Physical Specifications) will be published in the third quarter of this year.

The physical format is the essential part of the 4.7GB DVD-RAM specifications. The 4.7GB DVD-RAM format will be compatible with the existing 2.6-gigabyte (version 1.0) DVD-RAM format as well as with other DVD formats established by the DVD Forum. The new 4.7-gigabyte format is expected to expand PC and audio-visual applications as well as other future applications.

The Working Group 5 of the DVD Forum, the body responsible for DVD-RAM format, started formulating the 4.7-gigabyte format in November 1997 and in November 1998 released the Format Book detailing the version 1.9 specification. Round robin testing was started in February this year and moved forward for final confirmation. The decision by the Steering Committee of the DVD Forum formally approving the 4.7-gigabyte physical format as the final format will accelerate the introduction of the next generation of DVD-RAM products.

     Outline of specifications

        DVD-RAM V 2.0      DVD-RAM V 1.0DVD-ROM

Storage capacity     4.7GB/Side2.6GB/Side        4.7GB/Side
  Laser wavelength        650nm    650nm       635nm,650nm
  Numerical aperture of
   lens         0.6      0.6   0.6
  Recording method  Phase change        Phase change     Embossed pits
  Track format   Wobble land groove   Wobble land groove   Series pits
  Recording track pitch  0.615um  0.74um0.74um
  Data bit length         0.28um  0.41um0.27um
  Sector size         2048 bytes2048 bytes        2048 bytes
  Modulation system  8 to 16 RLL         8 to 16 RLL       8 to 16 RLL
  Error correction  Reed-Solomon        Reed-Solomon      Reed-Solomon
        Product Code        Product Code      Product Code
  No. of zones    35      24  (CLV)
  Fault managementYes     Yes
  Recording data rate  22.16M/bs11.08Mb/s

     DVD Forum
     Office of Secretary, +81-3-5444-9580

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