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Create Custom Music CDs of Your Favorite Songs

Adaptec's new SoundStream CD recording software makes it easy to create custom CDs of your favorite songs from MP3 tracks, WAV files and digital audio CDs

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 1999-- With Adaptec's new SoundStream CD recording software, users can create their own "greatest hits" CDs by compiling tracks of their favorite songs they download from the Internet, or by taking tracks off existing music CDs. This user- friendly application includes links to popular Internet music web sites, access to CDDB, the online Disc Recognition Service, Jewel Case Creator for creating custom CD labels and inserts, and special effects for enhancing sound quality.

"While MP3 has become tremendously popular, most people can only listen to MP3s on their computer," said Tom Seaman, group marketing manager for Adaptec's Software Products Group. "We want to give customers an easy way to listen to their favorite MP3s anywhere. SoundStream combines a user-friendly interface with access to Internet music and market-leading reliability of Adaptec's CD recording technology."

How It Works

SoundStream makes burning custom CDs a simple and fun experience for even novice computer users. SoundStream's user interface is similar to a standard audio player, allowing users to create a play list by selecting one or more songs from their hard drive or CD. Seventy-four minutes of music can be burned to CD by simply clicking the record button. MP3 and WAV files are seamlessly converted to CD audio, allowing users to create CDs that can be played in any standard home, car or portable CD player.

The sound quality of MP3 and other audio formats, including standard digital audio CDs, can be enhanced using built-in high-quality special effects from Arboretum Systems that come packaged with SoundStream. Arboretum's Realizer process creates bigger bass, better separation and sizzling high end. The Concert Hall effect adds fullness to the sound, Reverb provides ambience, and Time Warp adds either a nostalgic Victrola sound or a futuristic electronic sound. All sound effects can be previewed before burning to CD. SoundStream also includes a Balance Loudness feature, which eliminates the need for continual adjustment to the volume control. Turning this feature on automatically ensures that all tracks are recorded at a consistent volume level, even if the original sources were recorded at different levels.

Other features include support for CDDB, the online Disc Recognition Service, which automatically displays the artist name, CD title, and song information of popular CDs (eliminating the need to manually enter this information). The CDDB information can be used to create custom CD labels with Adaptec's Jewel Case Creator application. This utility makes it easy for users to design customized CD labels and jewel case inserts, with features such as curved text, in-place editing, professionally-designed themes, and support for popular brands of CD label paper.

Pricing and Availability

SoundStream will be available in the U.S. & Canada in early fall 1999 and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $49 with a $10 mail-in rebate coupon. Customers can sign up at to be notified via email when SoundStream becomes available. Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

About Adaptec, Inc.

Adaptec moves the world's information with host bus adapters, RAID, and software products that speed data to and from computers, peripherals, and networks. Founded in 1981 and with headquarters in Milpitas, Calif., Adaptec is a global design, manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution company. More information on Adaptec's CD-Recordable software is available at or for other Adaptec products visit our web site at

About CDDB

CDDB, Inc. operates the largest online database of audio CD information in the world found at CDDB, Inc., is an Internet enterprise of Escient, Inc. on the Web at a recognized pioneer and leader in developing convergence technologies that combine consumer electronics, computing power, and the Internet in powerful yet simple ways.

About Arboretum Systems

Arboretum Systems develops digital signal processing technologies for professional and consumer markets. Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Pacifica, Calif., Arboretum provides a broad range of signal processing, noise reduction; voice transformation and Internet audio enhancement technologies to the professional, consumer and OEM markets. Details on the Arboretum Realizer process can be found at, for other Arboretum products visit


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