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CDDB Enables Adaptec's New Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe With Unique Disc Recognition Service

BERKELEY, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- CDDB, the leading CD information source has granted Adaptec's New Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe access to the CDDB online Disc Recognition Service, further reinforcing CDDB's worldwide leadership in the realm in disc identification technology. The agreement enables Adaptec's all-in-one CD Recording package to utilize the CDDB online Disc Recognition Service (DRS) to automatically provide users with the name of the artist, album and song. Since Adaptec currently controls roughly 96% of the U.S. market for PC and MAC based CD Recording software, the agreement adds this emerging software segment to the many categories that CDDB dominates.

"CDDB enabling our new Easy CD Creator 4 - was critical because their unique Disc Recognition Service offers users the best solution to a very complex problem. Without the CDDB online service, users have to type in all the names of the songs they record manually," said Tom Seaman, group marketing manager for Adaptec's Software Products Group. CDDB's DRS technology identifies over 378,000 CD album titles making it by far the largest and most comprehensive online CD information source in the world. And best of all, it remains 100% free to end-users and royalty free to software developers.

"We are thrilled to see CDDB be incorporated into these Adaptec products. Adaptec's U.S. marketshare, their OEM agreements with hardware manufacturers like Dell, IBM and Hewlett Packard and their user friendly software products have earned them a vital place in today's ever changing technology infrastructure. Beyond marketshare, by aligning the CDDB brand with Adaptec, we stand to build consumer awareness and drive heavy traffic to," said Ann Greenberg, Sr. V.P. Marketing and Business Development for CDDB.

Users can also tap into CDDB's database at, with searchable information on more than 378,000 CDs. CDDB sells banner space on their Web site offering advertisers the ability to target highly motivated music fans. CDDB also offers consumers the opportunity to purchase audio CDs from retail partners CDNOW, and EveryCD.

CDDB, grassroots Internet darling, is user built and supported and access to the service is provided free of charge to developers and end users. CDDB's Disc Recognition Service is built into over 200 music software players, with the largest selection of CDDB enabled software players downloadable at Millions of fans utilize the Disc Recognition Service and flock to the Web site to find information on both rare CDs as well as their standby favorites.

CDDB, Inc. is an Internet enterprise of Escient, Inc. on the web at . Using compelling Internet-based technologies, Escient's mandate is to simplify notoriously complex home electronics while providing new and innovative sources of entertainment to consumers. In a few short years, the company has emerged as a pivotal player in the convergence marketplace, developing products and services that seamlessly merge the Internet with consumer electronics in powerful, yet simple, ways.


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