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ACS Innovations, Inc. Announces SlimLine CD-RW for Notebook and Laptop Drives At PC Expo'99

COMPRO SlimLine 4x4x20 CD-RW Provides 650MB of Storage Capacity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- ACS Innovations Inc. recently announced its new CD-ReWritable drive, the COMPRO SlimLine 4X4X20 CD-RW. This 4X4X20 CD-RW is a high-performance drive offering 20X Read speed access to applications and a 4X Write speed answer to your mobile data storage and back-up requirements. Perfect for mobile computing, the COMPRO SlimLine 4X4X20 CD-RW offers cost-effective storage of up to 650MB of information, allowing users to easily back-up their whole laptop or notebook hard drive. And unlike CD-R technology, you can write and rewrite again and again.

"The Compro SlimLine incorporates CD recording, rewriting and reading functions all in a slim 12.7 mm height drive," said Michael Ho, executive vice president at ACS Innovations. "Now notebook users can benefit from this cutting-edge drive while they are away from the office.

The COMPRO SlimLine 4X4X20 CD-RW is specially designed to fit into the drive bay of any laptop or notebook computer. The SlimLine 4X4X20 allows users to back-up their complete hard drive onto one rewritable disk, ensuring that critical data isn't lost because of hard drive error or theft. Users can take the contents of their mobile hard drive anywhere on one disk.

Using the CD-R function of the COMPRO SlimLine 4X4X20 CD-RW makes it easy to burn your own music CDs. Copy tracks from your favorite CDs to files on your hard drive, then assemble them into your own custom-made CD. Because regular CD players can read most CD-R media, you can play your personal CD on your stereo, in the car, or on your laptop.

About ACS Innovations, Inc.

ACS Innovations, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA with worldwide offices in Australia, Asia, and Europe, supplies its customers with products that feature innovative technology, great performance, and attractive price-points. ACS is a leading manufacturer of next generation computer and consumer electronic products. It currently employs more than 300 people worldwide. More information on the 4X4X16 IDE CD-RW Kit and ACS Innovations can be found on its web site at

SOURCE: ACS Innovations Inc.

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