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SAFEAUDIO Technology Adopted By Key CD Equipment Manufacturers

SAFEAUDIO™ Audio CD Copy Protection Ready for Commercial Launch

NEW YORK--July 10, 2001-- TTR Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of digital anti-piracy technology, announced that its SAFEAUDIO copy protection technology has been adopted by the music industry's key encoder and testing companies, Toolex Data Handling, Eclipse Data Technologies, DCA Inc., and DaTARIUS Technologies GmbH. As a result, SAFEAUDIO can now be rapidly deployed at CD manufacturing facilities around the world to produce SAFEAUDIO-protected discs.

The SAFEAUDIO protection process is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of music CDs without detracting from the CD's playability. It is applied at CD manufacturing facilities during the glass mastering process. TTR, together with its strategic partner, Macrovision Corporation, has worked closely with Toolex, Eclipse, DCA and DaTARIUS to develop the tools necessary for mastering and testing SAFEAUDIO-protected discs.

Brian McPhail, vice president and general manager of Macrovision's Consumer Software Division, commented, “As a result of these new partnerships with the key mastering and test equipment providers, music labels and publishers can replicate and distribute SAFEAUDIO-protected CDs in facilities throughout the world. Our strategy in 2001 has been to build the worldwide infrastructure to support rapid deployment of SAFEAUDIO as soon as the labels and publishers give the green light on SAFEAUDIO.”

Marc D. Tokayer, chairman and chief executive officer of TTR, noted, “We are pleased that SAFEAUDIO is ready for commercial launch. We have worked very hard with Macrovision to develop the best audio CD copy protection technology available. With commercial pilots now underway at various major and independent labels, we are very confident that Macrovision's talented marketing team will make this product the success in the marketplace that the music industry deserves.”

As part of its strategic alliance with TTR, Macrovision purchased an 11.4% equity interest in the company, becoming TTR's largest shareholder. Under the agreement, TTR and Macrovision are jointly responsible for completing the development of the audio copy-protection product and preparing it for commercial launch while Macrovision is responsible for sales, marketing, installation, technical support and replicator liaison.


SAFEAUDIO provides audio content owners with an easy-to-implement copy protection solution for CD audio discs that provides effective protection against unauthorized disc copying or ripping of songs. The SAFEAUDIO manufacturing process is software based, involving no additional hardware components. SAFEAUDIO protection is a media-based technology and therefore cannot be easily circumvented by PC ripping programs. TTR jointly developed the SAFEAUDIO CD copy protection solution with Macrovision. The SAFEAUDIO solution meets the combined objectives of playability (where the original audio content can be heard with no discernable reduction in audio quality) and effectiveness (where a satisfactory level of copy protection is provided). TTR and Macrovision are supporting ongoing evaluation and test programs with several major music labels.

About Macrovision Corporation

Macrovision ( develops and markets digital rights management, electronic license management and copy protection technologies for the consumer interactive software, enterprise software, home video and music markets. Macrovision has its corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, with European headquarters in London, and Asia-Pacific headquarters in Tokyo.

About Toolex International N.V.

Toolex International N.V. (, a world leader in the optical media production industry, specializes in providing equipment, processes and services to support every stage of optical disc manufacturing (pre-mastering, mastering, pre-recorded and recordable/rewritable replication). Toolex Data Handling, formerly known as Media Morphics, specializes in developing and producing software and hardware for CD and DVD data conversion, distribution and signal encoding for Laser Beam Recorders. Customers are served through a global network of regional sales offices, distributors and service personnel in over 15 different countries worldwide.

About Eclipse Data Technologies

Eclipse (, recognized as a leader in DVD and CD mastering encoders and software, provides leading edge capability with a reputation for technical excellence and world-class customer support in its line of mastering, premastering and QC verification tools for the DVD and CD manufacturing industry.

About DCA, Inc.

DCA ( is the industry-leading provider of world-class signal processing technology. Since 1988, CD and DVD manufacturers worldwide have relied on DCA's pre-mastering, mastering and verification products for optical discs, including copy protected discs.

About DaTARIUS Technologies

DaTARIUS Technologies ( develops high-end optical media quality control systems and process optimization solutions. With headquarters in Austria and offices in Hong Kong and the U.S., DaTARIUS is known for its long experience, stable and user-friendly software tools, and excellent customer support services.

About TTR Technologies, Inc.

TTR ( designs, markets and sells proprietary anti-piracy products. The company has developed and commercialized products for the software and entertainment industries and is expanding its product range and reach through in-house development and joint ventures. In addition to SAFEAUDIO, TTR is investing in infrastructure and security solutions for the DVD market and for the streaming of content over the Internet. TTR has a joint development and marketing agreement for music CD copy protection with Macrovision Corporation. The Company also owns 50% of ComSign Ltd., the exclusive Israeli affiliate of VeriSign, Inc.. TTR's shares are listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange (TEJ) and the Nasdaq National Market.

Forward-Looking Statement
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