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Kodak & YesVideo Converts Home Videos Onto CDs and DVDs

No Hardware or Software to Buy With Painless New Service Now Available Through Southern California and Phoenix Photo Stores

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2, 2001-- Kodak Processing Labs (KPL) has teamed up with YesVideo to offer a new service to help Southern California and Phoenix area camcorder users share and preserve the home videos piled up around their homes. The convenient new service will convert these neglected home videos into CDs and DVDs, making those precious memories easier to view and share, and safe from deterioration.

Residents of the Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix areas simply drop off their videotapes at one of hundreds of participating photo stores -- just as they've been doing with their photo film for years. Approximately two weeks later, they pick up their videotapes converted onto CDs for computers or DVDs for television viewing. The original videotape is also returned. There is no need to buy any additional equipment or software. A list of participating stores is located at

"We are delighted to partner with the number one company in photo processing. KPL is the first prominent national company to take the lead in helping the 43 million U.S. camcorder owners share and preserve their videos," said Sai-Wai Fu, founder and CEO of YesVideo. "Unlike diamonds, videotapes are not forever. They start to degrade after 50 viewings and/or 15 years, while CDs and DVDs last hundreds of years."

"My customers are busy people who want digital solutions without the hassle of choosing and learning hardware and software," said Karen McHugh of Los Angeles-based Samy's Camera. "My customers tell me they have more fun watching the CDs and DVDs because they can go right to the scenes they want without having to fast forward all the time."

Both CDs and DVDs offer scene detection, which allows viewers to skip the boring parts of their videos and choose only the scenes they want to watch. Customers looking for the highest possible video quality and who want to watch their video on TV will select the DVD solution, which costs $69.95 for up to one hour of video, and $89.95 for up to two hours. Transfer to CD-ROMs ($29.95 for one hour of video, $39.95 for two hours) is for video owners who want to customize their footage, take still-frame snapshots and share their video over the Internet. Both the CD and DVD products arrive in customized gift-type cases featuring the most important scenes on the cover, allowing users to easily identify the content of each disk.

About Kodak Processing Lab

Kodak Processing Labs is a division of Kodak Corp. Based in Fountain Valley, Calif., KPL supports a wide range of photofinishing, retail and drug stores. KPL can be reached by telephone at 714/431-0630.

About YesVideo

YesVideo is the most convenient and complete service for transferring home videos onto CD and DVD. Sai-Wai Fu, a pioneer in digital video and compression technology, founded the company in 1999. The company is located at 2192 Fortune Drive in San Jose, Calif., and can be reached on the Internet at or by phone at 877/817-5375.

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