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Iomega Ships 12X10X32X Internal CD-RW Drive

Blazing Speed, BURN-Proof(TM) Technology and Award-Winning Software for Home And Business Use

ROY, Utah, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data management solutions, today announced shipment of the newest and fastest drive in its CD-RW product lineup: the internal 12X10X32X ATAPI Iomega CD-RW drive.

Iomega's new CD-RW drive features BURN-Proof(TM) (Buffer UnderRuN-Proof) technology, which protects users during a CD-R recording session when the host computer cannot maintain a steady stream of data to the drive. Before BURN-Proof technology, the result was a failed recording and a wasted CD-R disc. With the BURN-Proof feature to protect users, the drive automatically pauses the recording process, waits until the computer resumes a steady flow of data, and then resumes the burn where it left off. BURN-Proof technology lets computer users reclaim their desktops and perform other computer tasks while recording a CD, an enormous savings in time and convenience.

Another key feature of the drive is its 20X DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) capability. DAE describes the speed with which a drive can read an audio recording from a CD. In practical terms, 20X DAE means that users can rip a three-minute song from a CD in as little as 10 seconds, or a 60-minute CD in a little over three minutes.

"Iomega is constantly working to add exciting new optical products to our line, and we're pleased to bring our customers a drive with so many state-of-the-art features," said Michael Johnson, general manager, optical product management, Iomega Corporation. "Our gains in CD-RW retail market share over the last year have been phenomenal. We've earned the number two position in US retail drive sales because our customers know that the Iomega brand assures them of high-quality, dependable, and versatile products. Iomega's new fast and user-friendly 12X10X32X CD-RW drive is no exception."

Iomega's 12X10X32X CD-RW drive includes a software suite containing Adaptec® Easy CD Creator(TM) 4.0, Adaptec DirectCD(TM) 3.0, MusicMatch® Jukebox(TM) Plus, Iomega Quik Sync 2 software (30-day Trial Version) and Adobe® ActiveShare(TM) software. The drive is shipping now and is available for $279.95 (U.S. estimated street price) from or from major distributors and resellers.

About Iomega CD-RW Drives

Iomega began marketing optical drives in August 1999 with the introduction of the PC-compatible internal 4X4X24X ATAPI CD-RW drive. In December 1999, Iomega followed up with the PC-compatible external USB CD-RW drive, adding Macintosh® software drivers and support in March 2000. Iomega added an 8X4X32X internal CD-RW drive and a 12X4X32X internal CD-RW drive to its product line earlier this year.

SOURCE: Iomega Corporation

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