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GEAR Releases "GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0" Latest CD-RW Software

JUPITER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 2000--Bringing the power of professional CD authoring and mastering to the end-user market, GEAR Software Inc. ( today announced the release of GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0, the latest version of its best-selling CD-RW software.

Featuring a completely new graphical user interface, GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0 offers the most comprehensive CD-Recording software package for professionals that utilize CD-Recordable in imaging, document storage, mission critical archiving, title development, prototyping, and premaster testing.

Gear Pro for Windows 5.0 uses cyclic buffering which ensures the full integrity and stability of the recording processes preventing buffer under-runs which corrupt CD-R(W) in more standard End User market applications.

Using GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0, the end-user can, on top of data / audio CD creation and CD copying, have the options to create the pre-mastering tapes required by CD pressing facilities and even manage jukeboxes.

GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0 also has the ability to use generated log files to create batch processes useful in the cases of repeated tasks such as creating backups of hard disk data or multiple copies of a given CD.

"With the release of GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0, GEAR Software again shows that it sets the standard in CD-R software for the end-user," said Helmuth Freericks, CTO for Gear Software. "With over 10 years of experience in developing professional pre-mastering and mastering software, GEAR is proud to say it is the CD-R software of choice for OEMs, data storage professionals, multimedia developers and service bureaus."

Other key features of GEAR Pro for Windows 5.0

  • Support for all current CD-RW drives found in the market (IDE-Atapi, SCSI or USB interface).
  • Support for the widest range of CD formats: ISO 9660, CD-Rom XA, CD Audio, ISO/UDF Hybrid, Unix Rock-ridge and various mixed mode formats.
  • One button CD to CD-RW copying.
  • Creation of audio CDs using standard audio, MP3 or wave files with de-clicking and normalizing features. Full Pause, ISRC and UPCEAN code management is included enabling the end user to protect his work.
  • Full drag and drop interface with initial menu choices (New data CD, New audio CD, Copy CD and Append CD) with context sensitive help.
  • Support for BURN-PROOF (Buffer under-run proof), which is the latest development in CD-RW technology.
  • Support for existing features in CD-RW technology like: Over-burning, Track at once, Disc at once and Multi-session.
  • Enhanced disc information dialog enabling easy appending of multi-session discs.

About GEAR Software Inc.

GEAR Software Inc., a division of Command Software Systems Inc. (, has been dedicated to providing award-winning CD-Recordable software to the world for more than 10 years. GEAR Software is committed to producing the most robust multi-platform CDRW and DVD-R software available anywhere today. GEAR is also committed to providing CD/DVD-R application for the desktop market which combine ease of use with the power and excellence of our award-winning professional products. Operating systems supported range from Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, Millennium, to Unix and Linux.

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