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Sony Introduces World's First CD-R Based Digital Still Camera
NEW YORK, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics today announced the first ever CD Recordable (CD-R) based digital still camera, the Mavica® MVC-CD1000. The new Mavica camera uses a high-capacity 156MB 3 1/2-inch CD-R in an easy-to-use camera for Americans who use the 260 million CD or CD-R drives with their PCs, and even those who don't.

Each CD-R for Sony's new CD-R Mavica camera can hold up to 160 1600x1200 (2.1 mega-pixel) images at a price that encourages archiving and sharing. That's the equivalent of more than four rolls of 36-exposure film. And at around $4 a disc and no processing required, the camera provides instant gratification at a fraction of the cost.

High Resolution -- 10x Optical Zoom -- Advanced Features

Above and beyond the innovative use of CD-R technology, the Mavica MVC-CD1000 offers advanced picture quality, including 2.1 mega-pixel resolution and the ability to shoot in TIFF and high quality MPEG (MPEG HQ) modes. Sony's implementation of the CD-R format enables faster image processing, dramatically decreasing image recording time. Images captured with the MVC-CD1000 can be recorded in several modes, including JPEG compression or TIFF in UXGA, SXGA, XGA or VGA image sizes.

The MVC-CD1000's powerful combination of high resolution and 10x optical zoom -- equivalent to a 35mm camera 400mm lens -- enables the MVC-CD1000 to fill the frame with subjects from a greater distance and capture them with greater clarity. Working with the powerful zoom, Sony has also added a feature rarely seen in the digital camera marketplace: a through-the-lens viewfinder using a bright, crisp color LCD to ensure that what you see is what you shoot.

This high performance Mavica MVC-CD1000 also includes:

    -- Manual adjustments -- shutter priority, aperture priority functions and
       a manual focus ring;
    -- Super SteadyShot® optical image stabilization -- removes unwanted
       user camera shake for a clearer image, a feature found on many
       camcorders, but only on Sony's digital still cameras;
    -- MPEG HQ Mode -- allows for MPEG full frame playback on a standard TV --
       rather than 1/4 frame playback that had been previously available --
       and an increased frame rate of 16 frames per second that results in
       smoother movement;
    -- Built-in intelligent flash and added external flash terminal (for use
       with the HVL-F1000 optional flash) -- range of over 30 feet allows the
       camera to capture images at longer distances under adverse lighting and
       the MVC-CD1000 communicates mode and exposure intelligence directly
       with the flash.  The optional Sony HVL-F1000 flash is available now for
       about $120;
    -- Rechargeable InfoLithium® battery with AccuPower(TM) meter -- with
       battery life approximately 100 minutes or 1,100 images in still image
       standard mode with the LCD on;
    -- 3:2 picture size ratio option -- creating a digital image that is the
       same size ratio as a standard 4x6 film print;
    -- 12bit A/D Conversion -- allows a wider dynamic range from highlight to
    -- Precision digital zoom -- with newly developed interpolation technology
       users can capture a smoother and more natural image; and
    -- In-camera zoom/trim and image re-sizing capability.

The Mavica MVC-CD1000 ships with five one-time writeable CD-Rs and will be available in August for about $1,300. 

SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

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