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Rimage combines DVD-R and CD-R Recording in a Single Unit

Miami Beach, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 2000-- Rimage announced today that The Perfect Image® Producer Family of Products now feature DVD-R and CD-R recording in the same systems. This is a result of software upgrades that include a number of other features in addition to the toggle functionality.

Users can set this function by simply selecting DVD-R when specifying jobs or can invoke DVD-R from their own applications. Able to recognize the DVD bin from the CD-R bin, the system can identify the ratio of DVD recorders to CD-R recorders in a single system and match the correct media with the correct job.

"With this capability, we are really allowing Rimage customers to leverage their investment," said Dave Suden, chief technology officer for Rimage. "A single unit can seamlessly create CDs or DVDs on-demand with all the speed, power and robustness that users appreciate in our `CD-R-only' systems."

Built on the Producer 2000 platform, the latest software release includes the full suite of software for seamless integration and simultaneous imaging, downloading and recording of unique datastreams. This software will support the Rimage install base with additional features and provide a platform upon which the current install base can upgrade to 12X and DVD-R.

Other features include the ability to track the total number of CD recordings from time of installation or from the last inspection date in order to troubleshoot wear on the system before it happens. Another feature enables the company to specify certain types of media ensuring that production facilities meet the media standards enforced in their operation.

A pioneer in digital information publishing solutions, Rimage Corporation has developed the world's first fully integrated production system for the mass customization of CDs and DVDs - the Perfect Image® Producer. The Producer contains many Rimage innovations, including the Prism(TM) Color CD/DVD printer, patented robotics systems and the patented multi-data-stream Perfect Image® Producer Software Suite. The company's products serve many diverse markets including business-to-consumer entertainment and photography applications; government; and business-to-business financial, health care and manufacturing applications. Rimage's customers deploy the company's equipment in manufacturing and fulfillment installations, as well as innovative e-commerce and in-store retail settings. Minnesota-based Rimage Corporation has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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