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Leading DVD-RAM Producers to Demonstrate New Applications

Bare 4.7GB Rewritable DVD-RAM Discs Demonstrate Economy of Producing Feature-length, High-quality Videos

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 2000-- As part of an industry-wide technology initiative, Hitachi, Toshiba and Panasonic, participants in the rapidly growing DVD-RAM storage solution market are heading to New York to showcase 4.7GB DVD-RAM technology, the next generation of the established rewritable DVD format, at PC Expo June 27-29.

In addition to doubling the transfer rate of the new drives, the higher-capacity 4.7GB DVD-RAM format now supports a broad range of applications across devices. To illustrate these features, and the new bare disc media that stores up to two hours of MPEG2 video, the three hosts of the PC Expo DVD-RAM Pavilion have scheduled a continuous demonstration of video authoring, editing, and playback.

Visitors to the DVD-RAM Pavilion in Rooms 1C02-1C03 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center will see how easy it is to capture video from a DV camcorder and then author and edit two-hour, professional-quality business and consumer videos using 4.7GB bare disc DVD-RAM media. To demonstrate the cross-device interoperability among DVD devices and the Pavilion's theme, DVD-RAM...Defining Storage Convergence," the discs will be played back on DVD-ROM drives, DVD players and DVD recorders.

For businesses, content developers and consumers, 4.7GB DVD-RAM means they can use a single, rewritable drive for feature-length video production and delivery applications, system back-up/recovery, and secondary storage, as well as rich multimedia content development and playback features.

Economical enough for producing family videos, the 4.7GB DVD-RAM drives can be combined with a broad selection of authoring systems that are available to provide an easy-to-use, desktop video production solution for applications ranging from marketing presentations, kiosk videos, training films and MPEG-2 archiving as well as Web site animation/graphics development and videos for LAN- and IP-based video-on-demand.

Videos stored on DVD-RAM discs have a data life of more than 30 years and the quality doesn't deteriorate over time or with frequent playback The format's random-access and rewrite capabilities provide users with almost instantaneous access to update, edit or enhance individual clips or segments more than 100,000 times.

With a removable, rewritable capacity of 4.7GB per single-sided disc (9.4GB per double-sided disc) and a storage cost of only $.005/MB, DVD-RAM drives and media are ideal for video production. Designed for high performance, the drives have a data transfer rate of up to 22Mbps. To protect the storage investments of people who have previously stored content on CDs, the DVD-RAM drives provide read support for all current CD standards. In addition to being able to read/write earlier 2.6GB and 5.2GB DVD-RAM media, the new high-capacity, high-performance drives also read all of the industry standard DVD media that is shipping today.

To illustrate the broad range of applications and hardware/software products that support DVD-RAM technology, nearly 45 firms will be showing their compatible products in the DVD-RAM Pavilion. Participating firms will include:


AdLib Publishing Systems
ADS Technologies
B&M (MpegCarver)
BakBone Software (Tracer)
Centura Software
CTI (Computech Int'l)
Daikin U.S. Comtec Labs.
Dantz Development Corp.
Dazzle Multimedia
DV Studio Technologies
GEAR Software
In-System Design
Ligos Technology
LG Electronics
Media 100
Mission Critical Linux
Pinnacle Micro
Pinnacle Systems
ProSoft Engineering
Ricoh Silicon Valley
Software Architects
Sigma Designs
Spruce Technologies
Sonic Solutions
US Design
VERITAS Software
VITEC Multimedia

Hitachi, Toshiba and Panasonic have each announced plans to ship 4.7GB drives in the third quarter of this year. More announcements by other manufacturers regarding their initiatives are expected. The following media manufacturers have announced that they will release next-generation media in conjunction with drive availability:

CMC Magnetic
Eastman Kodak
Mitsubishi Chemical

Additional Information

Additional information on theme "DVD-RAM...Defining Storage Convergence," including the agenda, Frequently Asked Questions about DVD-RAM, and presentation materials are available at

Hitachi America, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., Japan, markets and manufactures a broad range of electronics, computer systems, consumer electronics and semiconductor products, and provides industrial equipment and services throughout the U.S. Additional information is available at Hitachi America's web site at

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) Storage Device Division is the North American design, manufacturing, marketing and sales arm of Toshiba Corporation, a global technology innovator. Toshiba SDD markets high-quality peripherals to original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, value-added dealers, systems integrators and distributors in the United States. For additional information, please visit Toshiba SDD's Web site at

Panasonic is the best known brand name of Osaka, Japan-based Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading producers of electronic and electric products for consumer business and industrial use. For more information on the Panasonic DVD-RAM OEM drive and media, visit Panasonic Industrial Company's Web site at For more information on Panasonic-branded DVD-RAM drives, visit Panasonic Document Imaging Company's Web site at

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