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Wegener Introduces DR100 Digital Audio Receiver
DULUTH, Ga., March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Wegener Corporation announced the introduction of the DR100 Digital Audio Receiver. The DR100 is a complete Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) receiver that contains all the demodulation, error correction and MPEG decoding circuitry required to deliver CD quality mono, dual mono or stereo program audio channels, together with an auxiliary data stream. ISO-MPEG compression technology permits high quality audio transmission while efficiently using satellite transponder bandwidth. The receiver is controlled by Wegener's Compel or ANCS (Addressable Network Control System). The DR 100 will be demonstrated at NAB 2000 in Las Vegas, NV in April.

The DR100 Digital Audio SCPC receiver is ideal for SCPC radio networks that require efficient, high quality digital audio in mono or stereo formats. The SCPC technology allows multiple carriers to simultaneously access the satellite transponder from geographically different locations. This eliminates the need for expensive backhauls for those customers who want to transmit their own audio signal.

"The DR100 is the result of our dedication to improve our digital audio product line while adding value for our customers," states Paul Harr, Vice President, Marketing for Wegener Communications. "We continue to support the radio broadcast market with high quality and economical solutions."

Wegener Communications is an international provider of digital solutions for IP data, video and audio networks. Applications include IP data delivery, broadcast television, cable television, radio networks, business television, distance education, business music, satellite paging and financial information distribution. COMPEL, Wegener's patented network control system provides networks with unparalleled ability to regionalize programming and commercials through total receiver control. COMPEL network control capability is integrated into Wegener digital satellite receivers. Wegener Communications can be reached at +1.770.814.4000 or on the World Wide Web at .

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Certain of the above statements regarding Wegener constitute forward- looking statements, which may involve risks and uncertainties. A variety of factors could cause the Company's actual results.

SOURCE: Wegener Corporation

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