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Pine Incorporates MP3 Copyright Protection Technology
Pine Technology has revealed its second-generation digital audio player, which both incorporates copyright protection technology and supports a multitude of digital audio formats.

The multi-codec player will support several formats including MP3, AAC,  WMA and MS Audio. In line with the SDMI guidelines it can also be totally upgradeable to any future digital audio format. 

"Consumers can now purchase a product that will continue to develop and adapt to the digital audio world around them. This extends the life of the player and further assists major artists and record labels in entering the digital audio arena - safely," said Marnie Sutton, vice-president of sales, marketing and procurement at Pine. 

The copyright protection technology differs according to the digital audio format used. However, the player is firmware upgradeable and therefore adjusts itself to the specific format. In addition to this it incorporates a tracking system within the player. 

Essentially, each downloaded music file looks for the unique serial number in the player, which is taken back into the song, so that the file cannot be played on or transferred to any other machines. 

"MP3 is a fantastic medium for the distribution of digital audio, but artists and record labels understandably still worry over copyright protection," added Sutton. "The SDMI was set up to combat this, but not until recently have its guidelines been realistic in terms of hardware and software development." 

The product is due to be mass-produced in August / September 2000. Pine is also exhibiting three other products at CeBIT, including the world's first ever combined CD MP3 player, Pal(M)P3 (pocket sized player) and MP3 
player with FM radio. The CD MP3 player will enable music enthusiasts to listen to both their ordinary audio CD collections and new MP3 CDs on a single player, while the Pal(M)P3, the lightest and most compact to hit 
the market, runs for 11 hours on just a single AA battery. 

"Internet music is already taking the market by storm. The music source is there, all that remains is to give consumers the best products to use it," continued Sutton. "A good product must combine style, size, quality and price. We are giving consumers the choice of whatever type of player and digital audio format they like."

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