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TerraTec MP3 OnAir/DAB2PCI - Play MP3 Recordings in Real-Time using DAB
TerraTec Electronic presents its own PC receiver card for digital radio with the melodious name of MP3 OnAir/DAB2PCI. With this it is now possible to record digital songs as MP3 files from radio stations onto your PC in real-time.

The "bottleneck" Internet when downloading MP3 files is now a thing of the past. Of course, with the DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) card MP3 OnAir the PC is now able to move into the era of digital broadcasting. The combination of high-quality DAB receiver and one of the most up-to-date 3D sound cards allows for optimal and easy processing of the received audio data. It's not just perfect reception that makes this technology interesting for the PC, the parallel data reception and MP3 recording in real-time are opening completely new possibilities.

With MP3 OnAir different programs can be received simultaneously on one DAB channel. Even while recording, no data is lost. The digital technology allows you to, for example, record a live concert while channel-surfing at the same time. The received radio programs can not only be recorded in analog or digital - as in the past, MP3 OnAir makes it possible to capture them in real-time as an MP3 file onto your hard drive. 2GB of memory on your hard drive means one and a half days of music in CD-like quality.

In addition to the radio program, other information is transmitted in text and picture form. And more than just title and performer info is transmitted. You will also have tour dates, information on current CDs or station information at your fingertips. This program associated data (PAD) is evaluated and shown by MP3 OnAir. The information can be displayed in graphics, Dynamic Label (similar to the well-known RDS radio text) and additional multimedia data formats like HTML.

And for the sound freaks: MP3 OnAir also has the full functionality of a high-end 3D sound card: the cutting edge PCI technology, a whole host of connection possibilities, high audio quality, real hardware acceleration, a 64-voice Wavetable and high-performance gameport. What more could you ask for!

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