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CeBit 2000: Ahead Incorporates Twin VQ Encoding/Decoding in Nero

Karlsbad, Germany - 24th February 2000

At CeBit 2000 Ahead Software's Nero Burning Rom, will exclusively introduce for the first time in CDR/RW software, full encoding and decoding of VQF (Twin VQ) audio files, and faster ReWriting support for new 8X/10X RW drives. Developed by NTT Human Interface Laboratories, VQ technology (Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization), can encode at a much lower bit rate without compromising its CD quality. Therefore VQ compression can reduce the amount of data to less than 1/12 the original sound, and typically to 30% less than MP3 files. In the future, VQ will play an increasing part in emerging new standards such as MPEG 4.0. Using Sound VQ, it's possible to encode over 200 songs at CD quality on just a single CD-R or RW disc with Nero.

Alongside VQF, Nero can also encode and decode MP3 files for dual compression choice. In the particular case of MP3, Nero uses the new encoder from MP3 developers, Fraunhofer, which is 10 times faster than real-time on a Pentium III 500. A typical 3 minute 40 second track can be encoded in less than 25 seconds for the ultimate in speed.

Nero recently became the first CD Recording software to support 12X CD Recording. Furthermore its robust engine takes advantage of "BURN-Proof" implementation in the drives' firmware, which can actually prevent buffer underun on a 12X 'BP' drive. The technological landmark of "burn proof" is sure to spread across the CDRW industry. However the demands of 12X Recording will constrain many a CD Recording software, but never Nero. With final ratification expected soon on faster ReWriting speeds, Nero is optimised to take immediate advantage of any compatible drive.

Recently Nero has also advanced into making the whole CD creation process effortlessness with enhancements to the wizard. Even though features are being added at an ever-increasing pace, there are few compromises where ease of use is concerned. All new additions offer a seamless approach to the art of CD Recording, whilst for the intensive user, the Nero Wizard still represents the fastest way to create CD's in a hurry.

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About Ahead:

Ahead Software gmbh develops software applications for CD-R/RW, DVD, and Internet Audio, and the company's software products are part of the fastest growing segment in the IT industry.  Ahead's product line includes Nero CD Recording software; inCD, UDF packet writing software; and Feurio, CD Recording Audio Software. Ahead Software, founded in 1995, is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany.

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