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  • CrypKey
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  • CrypKey
    Company : CrypKey
    Protection : CrypKey - CDLock
    How to Detect : Not available as of yet!
    Backup Solution : Not available as of yet!
    Protected : DATA CD's
    Protection Info
    CrypKey is a serious software license control system that offers you protection from illegal copying, and confidence that people can only run your software on your terms, without requiring a hardware key or disk key.
    With CrypKey, the security is internal to your software, so every copy of it is always protected, allowing you to distribute your software through any means, including the Internet. If your program is supposed to run for 30 days on a trial basis, it will, and the only way anyone can run your software after the trial period (without a low-level format of their hard drive) is to get authorization from you, by phone, fax, e-mail or C.A.S.P.E.R. Whether you are controlling the number of network seats, the number of days of use, the number of calculations, any specific program options, or whether to run at all, what they get is only what you authorize!
    CrypKey is not a simple time-check, hidden-file-based system. It is a sophisticated detection system that knows with certainty whether a specific computer is allowed to run or perform particular functions with your software, and you control every aspect of those limitations! Other programs that sound similar are typically fooled by back-dating, reinstallation or registry editing. Not so with CrypKey.
    CrypKey will allow your customers to transfer an authorized copy of your software to another computer, but de-installs the first computer's authorization first. Because the authorization is computer-specific, it doesn't matter who gets a copy of it, whether it's the original program disks, or even a copy from an authorized computer. Unless you have authorized the specific installation in use, they will only get a single free trial.
    CrypKey can help ensure that you are paid for every copy of your software in use. Encourage everyone to copy and distribute your disks, download your software from your website, loan it to friends, family and co-workers; send copies to anyone and
    everyone. It's like enjoying the marketing benefits of unprotected software, yet with the security of protected software. CrypKey seems almost magical in its operation. Every day, we hear from a skeptical developer who doesn't believe that CrypKey can do what we say, but after trying CrypKey they see it truly works, and works extremely well.
    CrypKey provides serious security, without all the negatives of a hardware key. On the surface, most software licensing systems sound similar, but if you look closer, you will discover, just as we are told by developers on a regular basis, that CrypKey offers an unparalleled combination of security, reliability, economy and licensing features. Whether you have 50 users or 50,000, CrypKey offers you licensing capabilities that once existed only in your imagination.

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