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Previous News from: March - September 1998
30-09-98 Added OverSize & Factory Information for 20 CD-R's.
Updated the Philips IQ Article.
24-09-98 Added info/pictures for: Mitsui DVD-R.
Updated the OverSize article.
24-09-98 Added info/pictures for: NoName HI003AH.
22-09-98 Added info/pictures for: TDK DVD-R & DVD-RAM.
Added additional information/pictures for:
07-09-98 Added info/pictures for: NoName 700 Mb/80 Min BC-1 - Thanks Multimedia-Produkte Ulrich Engelmann (Germany).
Added info/pictures
for: Quantegy CDR Gold - Thanks T. Berkers (The Netherlands).
06-09-98 Found a new home for our Site: Super Satellite Network
05-09-98 Added info/pictures for: CD-RED Platinium, Lead Data CD-R & That's Write! Silver.
01-09-98 Added info/pictures for: Kodak DS CD-R.
29-08-98 Added info for: Lead Data CD-R & CD-RW - Thanks Marco van den Hooven (The Netherlands).
28-08-98 Added info/pictures for: Philips Green IQ CD-R.
Added some additional infomation for the Philips Fakes (Arita comparison).
27-08-98 Added info/pictures for: Philips Silver IQ CD-R. This also includes info on how to recognize these IQ CD-R's.
Added info/pictures for: Trust CD-R Disc & TDK CD-RXG74EC.
Added info/pictures for: NoName PR02, RECCD, A94 & L2P3-TA.
26-08-98 Added info/pictures for: Mitsui Silver Branded & UnBranded  - Thanks Rodo Sales & Service (The Netherlands).
25-08-98 Added info/pictures for: Philips Premium Silver.
07-08-98 Some more info about the TDK 80 Minute CDR (TDK SCWA-ETC80A-X).
02-08-98 Added info for: Stak Unbranded & Samsung Unbranded - Thanks Andrew Roberts (UK).
Added additional info and a quality report for: Ricoh Type 74 (3) - Thanks Frank Wolf (Germany).
Added a quality report for:
TDK Reflex Mettelic - Thanks Martin Hruschka (Germany).
26-07-98 Added info/pictures for: Bloemkool CDR & White Label/NoName CDR - Thanks Inside Computers (The Netherlands).
25-07-98 Added info/pictures for: BTC CD-R - Thanks Robv.
08-07-98 Added info for: Sony CD-RW650.
07-07-98 Added info/pictures for: Sunstar CD-R - Thanks Bčr Schellekens (The Netherlands ) for sending this CD-R.
pictures for: HP SureStore C4423, Ricoh Type 63, Plasmon PCD-R74 & Targa Pro CD-R.
06-07-98 Added the "DAO Space" column.
05-07-98 Added info for: Magnex, Nomai, TDK 80 Minutes & TDK 88mm /3 inch.
Updated info for: Plasmon, Premium Quality & TDK CD-R74.
02-07-98 Added info/pictures for: Narwal CDR - Thanks Narwal IT Services (The Netherlands).
30-06-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Philips CD-R74DA, Philips CD-R74P & Philips CD-RW74DA.
29-06-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Esselte Dataline, ComPro, FujiFilm Gold  & NoName Fornet Green.
Added Info/Pictures for: Philips CD-RW 74  - Thanks Henk Kuijpers  (The Netherlands).
Changed the CD-R Page into a CD Page to also support CD-RW and in future DVD-RAM/ROM.
Corrected the info for: Kodak InfoGuard  - Thanks darksoft.
21-06-98 Added Info/Pictures for: Xeo Silver Master, NoName Fornet Blue, NoName Fruit & Philips Silver
Added info/pictures for: GigaStorage Cursor/Green - Thanks
Computer Planet (The Netherlands)
Added CD-RW support
20-06-98 Added info/pictures for: Arita - Thanks R. van Apeldoorn - HOMEshop Productions (The Netherlands).
17-06-98 Added Info for: NoName Recordable CD 74 - Thanks Simon Williams (England).
13-06-98 Added Info & Pictures for: Maxell CD-R74XL, FujiFilm Silver Disk Digital Perfection & BASF Extra
Added info & Picture for: Mega Media Savit & Kodak DS Type S - Thanks Steve Hoyt (USA).
10-06-98 Added Pictures for: 3M 650/74, Ricoh Type 74 (1), Arita & NoName Multi-Speed.
Added Pictures for: Ricoh Type 74 (2) - Thanks Remon Pel
(The Netherlands).
06-06-98 Added info for: BASF CD-R-650/74, Boeder CD-R 74,   Fujifilm CD-R74, HP C4432A, SunStar CD-R74 & TDK CD-R74MEC  - Thanks Thorsten Kuefer (Germany).
01-06-98 Added info/pictures for: Arita Professional Multi-Speed, NoName Professional Multi-Speed,
Added info/pictures for: NoName KU339 /KU505, NoName & NoName MultiSpeed Professional CD-R 74 MIN
29-05-98 Added info/picture for: Ricoh Type 74 & Mycom NoName - Thanks Remon Pel (The Netherlands).
27-05-98 Added info/pictures for: Kingtech - Thanks Hans Bouwman - PC-Express Kerkrade (The Netherlands)
26-05-98 Added info/pictures for: TDK Reflex Disc
23-05-98 Added info/pictures for: Samsung CDR/74S & MegaData CD-R74
Added pictures & verified info for: TraxDATA TXS074 Silver & Memorex Platinum
21-05-98 Added info for: TopOffice / Taiyo Yuden - Thanks John Kleinen (The Netherlands).
Added info for: SunStar - Thanks Bčr Schellekens (The Netherlands).
18-05-98 Added info for: Hi-Space
Added the Techical Information part.
17-05-98 Added the Front/Top pictures for: FNAC, Sun & TDK Reflex Colour Disc.
Added info for: Dysan Branded, DataRight, Denon Branded/UnBranded & Taiyo Yuden Gold/White Branded.
Added info for: CMC / Mr.Data, Denon Archival & Kyocera.
16-05-98 Changed the Page and put all detailed CD-R info in seperate pages (this will speedup the page  and it will reduce the generated traffic which was already 420 Mb in only 15 days!).
Added the CDR Information Table sorted by Free Size.
Added some info for: Mitsui White UnBranded, Inkjet Printable, White Inkjet Printable & Medical CD-R Disc
15-05-98 Have been away to Novell BrainShare Europe '98 in Nice/France and took the following CD-R disks back:
Added: FNAC CD-R 74 Compact Disc Enregistable
Added: Sun CD Recordable
Added: TDK CD-R74 Reflex Colour Disc (CD-R74CREC Red, CD-R74CBEC Blue & CD-R74CGEC Green)
Added: Memorex CD-R & TraxDATA Silver - Thanks Tjark Verhoeven (The Netherlands).
10-05-98 Added some info for: TDK CD-R74, CD-R74PW, CD-R74B, CD-R74PT, CD-R74P, CD-R74M, CD-R74 PRO & CD TWIN-R63/74.
Added some info for: BASF Master 74.
09-05-98 Added the Front/Top Cover pictures for: MMore & Kodak Digital Science.
Added some info for: Maxell CD-R74, CD-R74B, CD-R74P & CD-R74W.
08-05-98 Added some info for: HP SureStore CD-R Media
05-05-98 Added the Front/Top Cover pictures & Info for:  Targa Blue, Koch, 2x Mycom, Philips Gold, Sony CDQ-74A, Verbatim DataLifePlus Printable & Yamaha CDM12Y- Thanks Remon Pel (The Netherlands).
04-05-98 Added the Front/Top Cover pictures for: Maxell - Thanks Robert Wallace (USA).
Added the Front/Top Cover pictures for: Arita, Sony Printable & TDK 650MB|74min.
Added the Front/Top Cover pictures for: Philips 700MB/74min, TraxDATA DataGuard & Maxell CD-R74H.
03-05-98 Added the Front/Top Cover pictures for: TraxDATA, Targa & Philips Blue - Thanks Kim Jakobsen (Denmark).
Added some additional Maxell info - Thanks Robert Wallace (USA).
28-04-98 Added: Sony CDQ-74BP Printable - Thanks BNN (The Netherlands).
27-04-98 Added more Front/Top Cover pictures.
Added: NoName EP002-AXH  Silver.
26-04-98 Added the most of the Front Cover pictures.
25-04-98 Added: Mitsui GOLD 74 & UnBranded.
Added: Fuji Silver Disk.
24-04-98 Added: MMore - Thanks Frank Camp (The Netherlands).
23-04-98 Added: Philips Professional CD-R (White Label) & Arita CDR - Thanks Remon Pel (The Netherlands).
14-04-98 Added the CD-R Information Table, the layout was created by Remon Pel. Checkout his HomePage!
20-03-98 Created this Page.

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