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---  NEWS  --- DECEMBER 2001 ---  NEWS  ---

24 December 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDCheck Beta
CD Mate
DAEMON Tools 3.00
DivX 4 Bundle 4.12
EasyDivx 0.77
CD/DVD Media Info - New DVD Recordable Media
Sony  DVD+RW 4.7GB - DPW120 Philips DVD+RW 4.7 GB Single Sided
DAEMON Tools Update  CD/DVD Utilities
DAEMON Tools has just been updated to version 3.00 which includes some very interesting new features:
  • Full DVD support added (large 2048 ISO files are automatically mounted as DVD)
  • Mounting of Nero (*.nrg) images is allowed if Nero IMAGEDRIVE is installed
  • Added support for MDS format (used by FantomCD) to mount CD/DVD images
  • Added Analog audio support for virtual drives
  • Added support for ISO images created by Easy CD Creator 5
  • Name of DAEMON Tools virtual devices is now set to 'V386 STEALTH DVD' by default and can be changed by user to prevent 'blacklisting'
  • Additional optimization of file I/O in Win9x. 'Disconnect' option in 'V386 STEALTH DVDROM' properties (Windows Device Manager) can be turned off to activate alternative I/O method
  • Not supported image formats are automatically mounted as ISO files
  • Fixed compatibility problems with some games in Windows 2000 (e.g. 'Age Of Sails 2')
  • Removed 'not signed driver' warning message during DAEMON Tools installation in Windows XP
  • Fixed blacklisting of DAEMON Tools in latest SecuROM protection (Diablo 2 v1.09c)
  • The commandline switches '-unmount' & '-mount' can now be combined
Kenwood MP6090R Car Radio/MP3 Player
Kenwood has released their latest car gadget, the MP6090R. It is able to deliver over 10 hours music playing from a MP3 CD and it supports folder browsing.

It is currently available @ MP3cdspeler for US$ 399 / EUR 409

Kenwood MP6090R Specifications:
  • Supports Audio & MP3 CDs (CD-R/RW compatible)
  • dual-speed CD spindle motor
  • ID3 MP3 tag reading
  • Supports CD-text
  • 8 seconds anti shock
  • Multicolor Dot Matrix LCD display with dim function
  • Removable anti-theft faceplate with DMASK
  • 24 radio station presets with RDS
  • Kenwood Q system to edit the sound
  • Connection for a CD changer
  • BASS management (B.M.S.)
  • ISO-mount for easy installation

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Universal to release copy-protected CD in U.S.
    The world's largest record company will be the first of the major labels to release a copy-protected CD in the United States, signaling a new chapter in the industry's efforts to stem music piracy...
  • EU decides anti-dumping tariffs for CD-R disc companies
    The European Union announced its preliminary decision for new anti-dumping tariffs on CD-R discs from Taiwan companies. Ritek and Prodisc have both been ordered to pay 18.8%, while CMC Magnetics, which did not send in EUís questionnaire before the deadline, must pay 39.5%. The new tariffs went into effect on December 19...
  • Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP - the true story
    Roxio has come under sustained fire from usersfor its failure to get apparently simple things like writing CD burning software for Win2k right first time...
  • A Call to End Copyright Confusion
    Jack Valenti predicts that Congress will require copy-protection controls in nearly all consumer electronic devices and PCs...
  • Copyright or Copywrong?
    It seems that all of the forces in the music industry have lately been conspiring against the music lover and audiophile. The record labels and their hired gun, the RIAA, have so far blocked digital outputs on high-resolution audio players, insisted that watermarks be inserted into both high- and low-resolution audio data, and have even started to restrict consumer's fair use of compact discs and digital downloads...

16 December 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDCheck RC1 Beta
DiscJuggler 3.50.826
Drive Region Info 2.0
DVD Region Killer
EasyCD Creator 5.02c
EasyDivx 0.76
Fantom CD 1.1.7 build 1211
IsoBuster 0.99.8
MP3 Net-Burner 5.00
TCCD & TCCD Scout 2.5/1.5
Zoom Player 2.21
IsoBuster Update
Added the IsoBuster v0.99.8 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

IsoBuster v0.99.8 Updates:

  • Rewrite to Full Unicode support (internally) (Getting ready for the future)
  • Code Page selection for MBCS and SBCS convertions
  • Charset feature support (transparent to the user) which deals with font settings to be able to support Oriental languages properly
  • *.cif and *.cue image file support.
  • Improvements to be better support certain border case image file formats.
  • Improvement to better support audio extraction on old SCSI drives.
  • Improvement to better deal with older (incorrectly TOC reporting) DVD-ROM drives.
  • Added language support for : Japanese, South-Afrikan (Afrikaans), Norwegian.
  • Most of the existing language-dlls have been polished and updated!
LiteOn LTR-32123S CD-ReWriter
LiteOn has just announced their LiteOn LTR-32123S CD-ReWriter which is able to write at (about) 32x Speed.

The 32x speed is achieved using Zone-CLV which means that the first 6 minutes are written @ 16x speed, then 10 minutes @ 20x speed, then 25 minutes @ 24x speed and the remainder is written @ 32x speed.

With support for RAW mode writing, Overburning and support for 99 minutes CD-R media it sounds like a promising drive!

LiteOn LTR-32123S Specifications:
  • 32x Write (Zone-CLV), 12x ReWrite (CLV), 40x Read (CAV)
  • E-IDE/Atapi Interface - Supported up to UDMA-2 (33.3 MB/s)
  • 2 MB Memory Buffer
  • Smart-Burn buffer-underrun & auto-writing technology
  • Smart-X high speed DAE & VCD extraction technology
  • VAS (Vibration Absorber System) to reduce vibration & noise during read/write
  • Supports Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, RAW Mode, Over-Burning
  • Supports both 8cm & 12cm discs (up to 99 minutes)

7 December 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindWrite Suite
CD Diagnostics 1.7.1
CD Mate
DVD Region Killer
Fantom CD 1.1.7 build 1128
Feurio! 1.63.3 Beta
Nero Burning Rom
Nero CD Speed 0.85
Prassi PX Engine 1.1.300
Traction CD Menu Creator 1.13
Virtual CD 4.0.2

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