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---  NEWS  --- MAY 2001 ---  NEWS  ---

30 May 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BurnDrive Beta
Burn to the Brim 1.3
CD Recording Studio 2.05
CDBremse 1.13
CDRoller 2.10
CDR Diagnostics 1.6.6
Clony XL Beta 2 [25/05]
Feurio! 1.61.3
MP3 CD Burner 1.091
PC CopyBase  1.4.37
Traction CD Menu Creator 1.09
WinImage 5.00.5009
Iomega Peerless 20GB Drive
The Iomega Peerless drive system is the new 20GB removable storage solution from Iomega with 10GB and 20GB pocket-sized disks, hard-drive performance  with transfer rates up to 15 MB/sec and ultra-reliable sealed-disk design.

Iomega offers FireWire, USB & SCSI interface modules for the Peerless drive system, providing easy connectivity and high performance to Windows and Macintosh users alike.

The Peerless 20GB USB Bundle is currently available @ Iomega for US$ 399.95!

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Imation Increased CD Prices as Global Market Tightens
    Imation announced an increase in CD-R pricing across all channels, effective June 1, in reaction to an industry-wide tightening of worldwide CD-R supplies...
  • InterVideo Ships Consumer Video Authoring Software
    InterVideo announced that it is shipping MyDVD for CD, its video publishing software for the rapidly growing base of CD-R/RW users. MyDVD for CD uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to combine video, audio, text and pictures into "video postcards" with up to one hour of high-quality video on a low-cost CD recordable disc.
  • Oak Technology Joins DVD+RW Alliance
    Oak announced that it has joined the DVD+RW (Digital Versatile Disk plus Re-Writable) Alliance...
  • Aimster Gets the Napster Treatment
    The major record labels sued Aimster, charging the Albany, N.Y.-based file-sharing startup with copyright infringement. However, a federal judge in Albany enjoined the plaintiffs from proceeding with their complaint, filed in New York City, until a hearing today...

23 May 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BurnDrive Beta
CDmage  1.02.1 Beta 4
CDRWIN 3.8D [21-05-01]
4.0ß [21-05-01]
CloneCD Beta
Clony XL Beta 2
DAEMON Tools 2.70
DVD Genie 4.00
MP3 CD Burner 1.09
Total Recorder 3.2
Traction CD Menu Creator 1.07
WinAmp 3.0 Alpha 666
XDuplicator  Alpha
DAEMON Tools Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added DAEMON Tools v2.70 from VeNoM386 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

DAEMON Tools Updates:

  • Safedisc 2 emulation enhanced
  • Laserlock emulation enhanced
  • Video CD issue fixed
  • Standby/Hibernation in Windows ME supported
  • Novell Netware Client 32 for Win 9x supported
  • Local/Network images (Windows 9x) remounted after reboot even before manager starts
  • Bugfix for BWT images with DCP flag set
  • Automatic refresh when number of PHANTOM CDROM drives is changed in Windows 95/98/ME
BlindRead/BlindWrite Suite Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added BlindRead v3.0.2.0 & BlindWrite to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

BlindRead/BlindWrite Updates:

  • New CD units added, BW supports more than 140 CD-Writers.
  • Improved audio abilities of BlindWrite
    • - Any sample rate is supported for both MP3 & WAV files
    • - 8 bits and/or mono wave files are supported.
    • - The MP3 decoding engine has been perfected (faster, more accurate & more stable)
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

15 May 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BurnDrive Beta
CDmage  1.02.1 Beta 3
DVD Decoder  0.1
DVD Finaly  0.1
DiscJuggler 3.00.783
Feurio! 1.61.2
PC CopyBase  1.4.29
Sony CD-Maker 4.3.0SN
XDuplicator  Pre-Alpha
A new player has come into the burning market, it is called BurnDrive.

BurnDrive Features:

  • BurnDrive supports RAW DAO, RAW SAO+SUB, RAW SAO, SAO write mode, so it can backup Safedisc, Securom and Laserlock copy-protected CDs (CCD format images)!
  • Copy CD to CD Directly (You can also read and then write)
  • Supports various CD-Image file formats: ccd, cue, iso, fcd, vcd, mp3, wav and m3u
  • Read CD to CD image file (File format: CCD)
  • Write mp3s onto Audio CD directly without converting to WAV format
  • Show the Session-Track structure of CD and CD image files
  • Read CD Text information and show the album title and name of the songs

Keep in mind that this software is still in beta phase and it DOES have bugs! For now only a few CD-Writers are supported, notably the Ricoh, Plextor & Philips drives.

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

7 May 2001
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
BestMedia CD-RW74 High Speed 4x-10x Ricoh CD-RW74 High Speed 4x-10x
Sony CD-RW650HS 4x-10x Verbatim CD-RW74 High Speed 4x-10x
Until now only Philips was selling High Speed (4x-10x) CD-ReWritable media but these were quite expensive at EUR 6,50 a piece! But now more brands are (re)selling High Speed CD-ReWritables for as low as EUR 1,50 a piece (BestMedia), the Ricoh, Sony & Verbatim media are sold at about EUR 3,00 a piece.
DivXOS - Create a Standalone DivX Player
DivX has been around for some time now but none of the  DVD/CD hardware manufacturers has dared to create a standalone DVD/CD player which can playback DivX compressed movies. Sony & Yawakawa both have announced that they are working on such a device but nothing substantial has surfaced as of yet!
This has inspired a site called Mofut's DivX Project to create the DivXOS which runs on windows and simulates all features of a VCR or DVD Player using a Keyboard or Infrared Remote Control.

Using the DivXOS, an own made standalone movie player can be made which can playback anything you want and which can be used like regular DVD player! DivXOS v1.02 is available here!

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

5 May 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Burn to the Brim  1.3b5
WinAmp 2.75
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Denmark Plans to Legalize Music Downloading
    The Danish government is preparing a law that will legalize the downloading of music from the Internet, a government spokesman confirmed Friday, angering copyright holders...
  • Philips Launches the World's Smallest MP3-CD Player
    Philips is extending the popularity of MP3-CD playback by shrinking the CD player itself - with a CD portable specifically designed to play 8cm (3-inch) CDs which can contain over three hours of compressed digital audio in formats like MP3, UDF or AAC...
  • Judges Weigh Copyright Suit on Unlocking DVD Shield
    A lawyer for the Web magazine 2600 urged a federal appeals court in Manhattan yesterday to find unconstitutional a 1998 law that seeks to limit the unauthorized copying of digitized material...
  • Wanted: Loveable hero for copyright battle
    No one knows that better than the defendants in the DeCSS case, who are fighting the movie industry for the right to link to computer code that theoretically can be used to break anti-copying features on DVDs...
  • Digimarc wins digital copy-protection patents
    Digimarc said that it received approval from the U.S. Patent Office on 28 claims related to audio watermarking...

2 May 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Burn to the Brim  1.3b4
CD Burner 1.06
Nero Burning Rom
Sanyo CRD-1500P/CRD-BP5 24x Speed CD-ReWriter
With the CRD-1500P & CRD-BP5 CD-ReWriters Sanyo is the first to have a CD-ReWriter which can write at 24x speed! They have incorporated 3 new technologies in this drive called Zone-CLV recording mode, FlexSS-BP quality control & the BURN-Proof 2 buffer underrun protection technology.
Sanyo CRD-1500P
[Click to Enlarge]
Zone-CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) recording technology is used to achieve the 24x burn speed. The CD is divided into 3 "zones", the inner zone1 writes @ 16x speed, Zone2 @ 20x speed and the outer zone3 @ 24x speed. Because of this the average burnspeed is maximum 22x speed.

FlexSS-BP is short for "Flexible Speed" and "Flexible Strategy" and is used to avoid problems with low quality media by automatically lowering the recorder speed at any time.

BURN-Proof 2 is a updated version of BURN-Proof which is used to prevent the dreaded Buffer-Underrun error. Version 2 avoids PC lockups during the writing process, this way the PC stays functional for other tasks!

In most cases it will not be possible to use 16x speed certified CD-Rs to burn at 24x speed, the 8x speed difference is just too big! The only 24x speed media we've encountered up until now are the ones from MMore.

The drive supports overburning up to 93 minutes, DAO/SAO-RAW writing and can copy SafeDisc v1, LaserLock, SecuROM v1 & SecuROM v2 protected games but it fails to backup SafeDisc v2 protected games!

For more info checkout Sanyo's BURN-Proof and the review @ CDRInfo
Sanyo CRD-1500P/CRD-BP5 Specifications:
  • 24x Write (Z-CLV), 10x ReWrite & 40x Read (CAV) 
  • 2 MB Memory Buffer
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface (BP1500) & SCSI (BP5)
  • FlexSS-BP & BURN-Proof 2 - buffer underrun protection technology
Nero 5.5 at last Available @!
The Nero 5.5 Retail version was available in the shops for over 4 weeks now and was being sold as OEM version with CD-Writers but for some odd reason was not made available at Ahead. That has now changed as after weeks of anticipation Ahead at last has released Nero 5.5 (v5.5.1.8) for download on their website:

Nero 5.5 New Features:

  • Nero Wave Editor
    New built-in ultrafast Wave Editor makes Nero a all-in-one editing/burning solution!
  • Advanced Nero Cover Designer
    Design CD graphics quickly and easily with Nero's updated Cover Designer
  • Nero MPEG1 Video Encoder
    With Nero's new high-quality MPEG 1 encoder, simply drag an AVI video files into a CD layout, and Nero converts them to MPEG! The Video CD is then playable on a PC or DVD player.
  • VCD / SVCD Menu Creation
    Add onscreen menus to your Video and Super Video CDs
  • Audio Plug-In Interface
    Create custom-written support files (DLLs) for new/future audio formats.
  • Embedded Nero API (Application Program Interface)
    Use Nero 5.5's Embedded API to add powerful CD-writing functions to your own applications.
  • Nero Toolkit
    Includes: Nero CD Speed & Nero Drive Speed
  • And Much More:
    • True multitasking recording engine
      simultaneously records up to 32 CD-R/RW drives
    • Record verification
      option ensures crucial data precision
    • Virus Checker
      scans the files of the compilation before burning to CD
    • Advanced Nero Imagedrive
      enables users to view or run the contents of an image file through Microsoft Explorer prior to burning
    • CD Extra format
      pre-mastering support
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

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