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---  NEWS  --- DECEMBER 2000 ---  NEWS  ---

21 December 2000
CD Media Info - Megadata CD-R & CD-RW Media
Megadata CD-R4 S/G [Prodisc] Megadata CD-R5 S/G [Prodisc]
Megadata CD-R21 S/G [Prodisc] Megadata CD-RW21 4x [Postech]
Megadata CD-R80 S/B 8x [Gigastorage] Megadata CD-R74 S/G 8x [Prodisc]
Megadata CD-RW74 2x/4x [Prodisc] Megadata CD-R74 G/G 8x [Prodisc]
Megadata CD-R74/80 S/G Print 8x [Prodisc] Megadata CD-R74 S/B [Seantram]
Megadata CD-R74 Yellow 8x [Prodisc] Megadata CD-R74 Diamond 8x [Prodisc]
A few weeks back we received a package from England containing the complete CD-R & CD-RW media range from Megadata. It tooks some time to scan and catalog them but here they all are! The most interesting CD-R media are

Thanks goes out to Tom Jong from Lead-Tech Technologies for sending the media!

CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Data Net-Burner 3.60
DiscJuggler 3.00.750
EasyCD Creator 4.02d S25d
DiscJuggler 3.00.750 adds multi-session support in RAW DAO, CD-RW drives supporting RAW DAO can write multi-session CDs at once without ever turning the laser off! It also adds support for the current 16x speed CD-Writers.
Upcoming CD-Protector 4.00 Release
DudeZ, the creator of CD-Protector is working on version 4.00 of this utility in which he claims that CDs protected with CD-Protector can not be copied using CloneCD, BlindRead, Nero Burning Rom & CDRWIN! Checkout the screenshot of a failed CloneCD backup!

18 December 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CloneCD Database
DiscDump FrontEnd 1.3
Plextor Manager 2000 1.08
TZCopyprotection 1.1 Beta 7
WinAmp 2.71
DAEMON Tools News

The DAEMON Tools page posted some news that DAEMON Tools will not work with SafeDisc 2 protected games under Win2K as it seems that  Macrovision has blacklisted the program in memory. It will be fixed in the next release. VeNoM386 is currently making it fully Safedisc compatible again!

Also it seems that unperfect copies (without unreadable sectors) of Laserlock protected games will run perfectly when the Securom emulation option is selected. It even works for the latest versions (like on e.g. 'Icewind Dale' German)!

CD-R Multi-Speed Standard

Philips has released the Orange Book Part II: CD-R Volume 2: Multi Speed (v0.9 December 2000) standard. This standard defines linear recording speeds up to 16 times nominal CD speed. With Orange Book, Part II: CD-R, Volume 2: Multi-Speed, a.o. a new spot for test write conditions and the Media IDentification is introduced.

CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire

14 December 2000
SUN-X Sentinel Protection  CD Protections
SunnComm Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement with Fahrenheit Entertainment to allow their record label subsidiaries to utilize SunnComm's proprietary copy protection software. The licensing agreement permits the record company to release its audio compact disc with the SUN-X Sentinel copy protection beginning in the first quarter 2001. 

SunnComm was already in the news 6 months ago when it acquired ownership to certain patent applications for propriety copy-protection and encryption software which is intended to be used to copy-protect digital music, video and other intellectual properties delivered on CD, DVD or via the Internet.

The protection will prevent people from copying or "burning" albums onto a CD-R but it will not block them from recording songs onto cassette tapes. It targets the data parts of an Audio CD such as the Table of Content which are not needed when playing the CD. These data parts are only needed when trying to copy or extract audio tracks. The protection will most likely not work with CD-Players made before 1995

12 December 2000
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
FujiFilm CD-R80 Audio [Fuji] PDM CD-R74 Data CD-R 12x [Ritek]
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindRead & BlindWrite
CDEveryWhere 2.0 Beta
CloneCD Database LiveUpdate
Easy CD-DA Extractor 4.3.0
ECCRegen 1.2
Feurio! 1.52
Hotburn Pro 2.01
Total Recorder 3.0 Beta
InCD 1.76
BlindRead & BlindWrite Update
Blindread Updates:
  • USB support improved.
  • Added a output format combobox:
    • BlindWrite (BWT for Table of content file, BWI for image file, BWS for subcode file).
    • CDRWIN / FIREBURNER (CUE for table of content file, BIN for image file, SUB for subcode file).
    • ISO (no table of content file, ISO for image file, SUB for subcode file).
  • Multisession CD extraction support improved - sectors between sessions are removed from image file.
  • Extraction engine small changes - less problem with gaps and cd endings.
  • Registration screen changed: unlock errors are clearly reported.

BlindWrite Updates:

  • USB support improved.
  • Added new units in CD units Database: HP 8200 USB (RAW PW) - Yamaha CRW2100E (SAO RAW, still no PW), plus a few other.
  • multisession support in any writing mode (BR Images only!)
  • the Ugly Kernel32 crash is FIXED.
  • the writing initialisation and finalisation sequence has been perfected - sometimes the cd writer would locked up once the cd was burned. This shall be corrected.
  • Some internal changes.
Treo Digital Music Jukebox
It was a matter of time that more manufacturers are trying to imitate the success of the Creative Jukebox, which is a MP3 player which plays MP3 files from an internal 6 GB harddrive. This way it can hold over 150 hours of music!

The Treo is manufactured by Hango and marketed by and Hy-Tek which will start shipping it in January 2001. The list price is set at US$ 399,00 which is about $100 under the Creative Jukebox! 

Treo Specifications:
  • 6 GB Harddrive
  • Supports MP3, WMA, AAC, and ePAC files
  • USB Interface
  • Rechargeable LI-ION Battery (3 hours charge time)
  • Plays about 8 hours on a single battery charge
  • Fully Updateable Firmware
  • Weigth (including battery): 200 g (8 oz)
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 77mm x 19.5mm

Treo Digital Music Jukebox
[Click to Enlarge]
Archos Jukebox 6000
The Archos Jukebox 6000 is a hard-drive based MP3 player similar to the Creative Jukebox
As of the 20th of December it will be available at about US$ 350,00
Archos Jukebox 6000 Specifications:
  • 6 GB hard drive (100 hours CD-quality audio or +/-150 albums)
  • Supports MP3 & G2 files
  • USB Interface (transfer up to 900 kB/s)
  • Enhanced shock protection based on proprietary shock sensing and emergency parking system
  • Powered from 4 x AA NiCd batteries for up to 5 hours playback
  • Dual Stereo Line In and Line Out
  • Dimensions: 115 x 82 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 290 g (12 oz)
  • Included: MusicMatch MP3 player, encoder & playlist creator

Archos Jukebox 6000
[Click to Enlarge]

9 December 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Protection Scout
cdrtools 1.10a6
DirectCD 3.01e1
EasyCD Creator 4.02e1
ECCRegen 1.14
InCD 1.70
PlexTools 1.07
WinAmp 2.70
CD Protection Scout CD/DVD Utilities
Added CD Protection Scout to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks H0bbyC0dr!

CD Protection Scout Updates:

  • CloneCD support (the user can define his own parameters)
  • New SafeDisc 2 detection

3 December 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Image Converter 1.10
CD Protection Scout
Prassi PX Engine 1.1.204
Prassi PrimoCD 1.3.404
CDRWIN 3.8D Update CD/DVD Utilities
The new CDRWIN 3.8D has just been released and it added support for the following CD-Writers:
  • Creative Labs 8435E / 8438E / 121032E
  • Hewlett Packard 9700 / 9900
  • Plextor PX-W1610A
  • Samsung SM-308 / SW-408 / SW-212
  • Yamaha CRW2100E / CRW2100S

As you can see it already supports the Plextor PX-W1610A & HP 9700/9900 drives which are not available as of yet!

CD Protection Scout Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added CD Protection Scout to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

CD Protection Scout Updates:

  • New Securom & SafeDisc 2 button: Problem with the frequently CloneCD-question fixed
  • CloneCD-settings can now be changed in the options dialog

1 December 2000
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
Arita CD-R80 Premium Line [GigaStorage] Octron CD-R80 12x [Ritek]
Arita b.v. seems to have switched from RiTEK to GigaStorage for making their CD-R media. Currently there seems to be two Arita CD Vendors, the original located in Taiwan and another located in The Netherlands (calling themselves Arita b.v.).
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDVD Benchmark 1.03
CD Bremse 1.10
CDR Diagnostics .1.6.3 
CloneCD Database LiveUpdate 28-11 
Feurio! 1.51.16
HyCD Play&Record 4.0.1121
NTI BackupNOW! 2.2.16
Nero Burning Rom
InCD 1.74
Sony CRX160E/S CD-ReWriter
Sony has at last released their new 12x Speed Spressa CD-ReWriters, the CRX160E/A1 (IDE/Internal) & CRX1600L/A2 (IEEE1394/External). The announced CRX160S (SCSI/Internal) has not yet surfaced (at least we have not seen it overhere yet!). The latest HP9500i series are based on the CRX160E drive.
Sony CRX160E/A1 Specifications:
  • 12x Write, 8x ReWrite & 32x Read
  • IDE/ATAPI (Ultra DMA33)
  • 4 MB Memory Buffer
  • Software: CD Extreme, abCD, Spressa Liquid Player, Mixman Studio & Retrospect Express 

Sony CRX160E/A1
Sony CRX1600L/A2 Specifications:
  • 12x Write, 8x ReWrite & 32x Read
  • IEEE1394/i.LINK Interface
  • 4 MB Memory Buffer
  • Software: Discribe (Mac), CD Extreme (PC), abCD, Spressa Liquid Player, Mixman Studio & Retrospect Express 

Sony CRX1600L/A1

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